BOGO: The Deli’s Annual Catering Promo

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews

Buy one, get one half off!

It seems that the weeks after New Year are inspiring catering crews around the ZCoB to have some fun with our offerings. This week it’s the Deli’s annual Catering BOGO Half-Off promotion. Jenny Santi at the Deli says:

The way it works is simple: For every pickup or delivery Catering order you place for January 1st through February 28th, you get a second one of equal or lesser value half off. The offer is good for all pick­ups or deliveries within January and February 2023, so call and order as many times as you’d like!

There are dozens of really good dishes on the Deli’s catering menu, but here are just a few that get me excited:

Lex’s Roasted Chicken

A few months ago, I wrote about my friend Lex Alexander from North Carolina, and how, 30 years or so ago, he taught me about the process with which we end every meeting—Appreciations. Lex and I didn’t just talk leadership, though. Our conversations also revolved around food and cooking. To this day, we share a passion for great flavors, craft production, and artisan offerings. Like me, and maybe you, Lex likes to cook, and he taught me this dish decades ago. It’s great to make at home, AND we love it for catering too. It’s basically a roast chicken cooked atop slices of Bakehouse bread so that the “stuffing” is underneath the bird instead of inside. Pieces of Amish-raised chicken rubbed with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and roasted over a bed of sweet onions, celery, fresh lemon, thyme, and the terrific bread from Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Exactly the kind of comfort food so many of us are seeking this time of year.

Vegetable Tagine

Slowly simmered vegetables and fresh chickpeas. Right now we’re doing the dish with sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and carrots. We season everything with the Tagine Spices from Épices de Cru of Montreal—Ethné and Philippe de Vienne’s beautiful blend of 20 different spices including cumin, coriander seed, ginger, turmeric, mace, long pepper, mint, cardamom, cassia, clove, lavender, rose, nigella, fenugreek, and allspice. The tagine comes with the Mahjoub family’s organic, hand-rolled, sun-dried M’Hamsa Couscous. A magical taste of the North Mediterranean!

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

Roasted whole Amish-raised chicken with spicy and sweet Hungarian Paprika, red peppers, and onions, served over Al Dente egg noodles made right here in Michigan and finished with Calder Dairy sour cream. A rich and tasty way to bring a bit of Hungarian tradition to your kitchen. You can also buy one of the Bakehouse’s beautiful Dobos Tortas for dessert. And if you’re really inspired to immerse yourself in Hungarian cooking and culture, consider coming with us to Hungary next New Year’s. (No BOGO on the tour I’m afraid—half the limited number of spots are already sold—but I will buy you a Dobos Torta to celebrate your decision if you sign up and let me know!).

All of these, and then some, make marvelous meals for family get-togethers, Super Bowl parties, business meetings, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, or just about any other time you’re going to eat as a group.

Questions? Call the Deli Catering crew today at 734-663-3400.