Gift Guide for Father’s Day

fathers-dayFather’s Day is Sunday, June 17th. Dad is King for the day! Whether your dad is sweet, salty, spicy, sandwich-y, snappy, or a combination of all these things, we’ve got your gift covered.

The Sweet Dad

Super Zzang®
Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory’s Original Zzang Bar, super-sized for Super Dad! Dark chocolate surrounding peanuts, peanut butter nougat and caramel. Sure to make your sweet-toothed dad smile.

mail-order-able-iconCoop’s Hot Fudge and Gelato
A sweet sundae for a celebratory Sunday. Made from simple ingredients, Marc Cooper’s hot fudge is milky and chocolaty with just the right amount of sweetness. The perfect accompaniment for dad’s favorite drum of Zingerman’s Creamery gelato. Microwave for less than a minute and you’re in business. Or bring Dad into the Next Door for a sundae: we serve Coop’s Hot Fudge in house.

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto’s Stone Ground Chocolate, Sugar Cane
These amazing chocolate bars come to us from a chocolate maker in a little city in Sicily. Founded in 1880, it is one of the oldest existent confection shops, which is still family-owned & operated. Their grainy, cold-milled dark chocolate is made with techniques dating back to the 16th century and uses only two ingredients: cocoa and sugar. The mixture never gets hot enough to melt the sugar crystals, which gives the chocolate its signature course texture.

The Salty Dad

What dad doesn’t love bacon? We stock a grand selection of the baconiest bacons around. Whether you go for classic deli all-stars like Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon or Arkansas Peppered Bacon or you opt for an adventurous bacon like the Hungarian Smoked Bacon, either way, it’s bacon and it will be loved.

mail-order-able-iconPeanut Brittle
This is the perfect gift for the sweet-toothed, salt-loving dad. Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory’s Peanut Brittle features jumbo runner peanuts, which have been roasted in a pot of deeply caramelized sugar, and combined with butter, vanilla and a touch of sea salt. One bite and your dad won’t want share this addictive blend of crunchy, salty, sweet, and nutty!

The Spicy Dad

mail-order-able-iconSpice Trekkers – book and spice kit
If Dad loves to experiment in the kitchen with a wok or make his famous chili or stew, these spices will keep him intrigued for quite some time. The book is full of great recipes and the spice kit is very well-rounded. A great way for an adventurous Dad to discover something new.

NEW! Zingerman’s Potato Chips
Spices decide. Spuds abide. Michigan Potatoes and world class spices living in harmony. We’ve combined Great Lakes Potato Chips of Traverse City with spices from Épices de Cru. Grab all three for your pops to try –Detroit St. BBQ, French Grey Salt, Tellicherry Black Pepper and NEW Dill-icious Deli Pickle– it’ll be a full-flavored snack that he can’t get enough of.

The Sandwich Dad

mail-order-able-iconMake a Reuben Kit.
Nothing like playing Zingerman’s Deli in your very own kitchen. Stock Dad’s pantry with everything he needs to make our nationally renowned Zingerman’s Reuben at home in his own castle. You’ll need a loaf of Jewish Rye bread, Zingerman’s Corned Beef, The Brinery’s Sauerkraut, real Swiss cheese, and some of our housemade Russian dressing. If you are lucky, Dad will share and make you a sandwich, too.

The Snappy Dad

mail-order-able-iconEspresso Blend #1
For the quintessential coffee-drinking Dad, the one who’s always got his thermos in-tow. We brew Zingerman’s Coffee Co. Espresso Blend #1 daily at the Deli as our house blend. It really shines in our lattes, macchiatos and specialty coffee drinks! Sweet and rich body, with notes of bittersweet chocolate and a hint of hazelnut. Its long finish is tantalizing on the tongue!

Zingerman’s Travel Mugs
Dad can keep his coffee hot for hours in our spill-proof travel mugs. Stylish stainless steel with an etched Zingerman’s logo. A free coffee beverage comes complimentary with purchase.

Zingerman’s Cold Brew
For the Dad that likes to rev up and go, go, go. Zingerman’s Cold Brewed Coffee is
made exclusively at the Deli over 24 hrs. The cold brewed extraction process eliminates any bitterness from the flavor producing a smooth tasting, supercharged drink with a powerful kick.