November 2011

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This November we’re thankful for the hard-working cheese-makers, bakers, chefs, salume makers, olive oil and vinegar producers; all food artisans who make the food we love. Their hard work and craftsmanship brings many people enjoyment in the form of full flavored and traditional foods.

Take the Tour de Food, Nov/Dec 2011 and get a FREE t-shirt!

A 24-hour trip around the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

Visit Zingerman’s Deli downtown; the Bakehouse, Creamery, and Coffee Company on Ann Arbor’s Southside; and the Roadhouse all in a 24-hour period. Get your passport signed at each stop and you’ll get a free t-shirt. The passport is on the back cover of our Nov/Dec 2011 newsletter or you can download it here! The Tour de Food with Kerrygold only lasts through December!

Download the Zingermans Tour de Food Passport
Download a map to Zingerman’s retail businesses