Interview with Joeli Yaguda from Pasolivo

Joeli Yaguda at Wallys

What is your favorite part of artisanally producing food?

Getting pictures emailed to us of the meals people make with our olive oils!

What made you want to produce artisanal food?

We had been making olive oil for a few years before I really think we felt authentically like we were making an artisan product. Before that it was a desire to make olive oil, yes, but it was also a kind of business challenge: how will this work? After a few years of pouring our heart into it, I began to realize a difference between selling olive oil and producing this traditional food with all the good energy and good will we could. Our focus changed from “how are we going to sell all of this?” to “how can we make this olive oil the best in the US?”

How long have you been producing your product and where is your production?

We’ve been making olive oil in Paso Robles for 10 years.

How long does it take to make your product from start to finish?

We usually take an olive from the tree to drizzling from the polisher in 8 hours or less. We generally do 10 tons a day, about 400 gallons per day.

How many people work together to make your product?

We have a miller, who operates the press, and he has at least one person helping him with transporting the olives from bins to the hopper, moving the paste once the trailer is full, keeping the floors clean, etc. We also have a bunch of volunteers (close friends who are paid in beer from the kegerator) who help clean, lead tours, keep the team fed, oversee the kids’ lemonade stand, etc.

At Zingerman’s what is your favorite thing to pair your product with?

Of course any bread from the Bakehouse that’s crusty and rustic is a match for the Pasolivo. But we also adore the Tangerine on the bacon bread and on the chocolate sourdough. Seriously amazing.

Joeli Yaguda
Pasolivo Olive Oil

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