Pepperoncini Tondi

Pepperoncini Tondi are my favorite accidental find at the deli. They’re spicy peppers from Calabria, a region of Italy known for its peppers. I was first introduced to them when I accidentally opened a new jar that I thought was a sample jar. I felt guilty and bought them (don’t ever feel that way at the deli?I just have an especially strong guilt reflex. Thanks, mom!), and it was one of the best decisions I have made for my pantry in a while. Honestly, my boyfriend and I just pop them in our mouths and eat them like very spicy popcorn, but you can do amazing things with them. They’re really easy to hollow out, so you can fill them with cheese (try the city goat) or tuna for an easy appetizer. Keep the filling for mixing into pasta sauce, or even a spicy pico del gallo salsa. They’re a cool pizza topping. Roast ’em up with other veggies. There’s tons of ways to eat them. When you’ve eaten all the peppers, don’t despair! You have a jar full of amazing spicy oil that can add zing to pastas, salads, and soups for months to come!