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Zingerman’s Sweets Story
At Zingerman’s, you will find one of the best selections of chocolates and confections in the Midwest, the U.S., the world! Our specialists travel the globe in search of the best of the best — always with your taste buds in mind. Recent stops on our sweet quest have been Modica, Sicily; Roanne, France; Cologne, Germany; and New York City!

We work with passionate chocolate-makers, experts who source the best cacao beans and transform them into incredibly flavorful bars and confections. A lot of things have to go right to make a great chocolate. And just like great wine, cheese, and oil, great chocolate should be complex and balanced with a long, pleasing finish. Its natural aromas and flavors may be as varied as wet leaves and figs, citrus and raspberries, or caramel and coffee. Ask us for a sample and tell us what you taste!

Askinosie Chocolate – Springfield, MO

Makers of bold, full-flavored single-origin chocolates. Askinosie and Zingerman’s partner to make one of the tastiest (and most exclusive) chocolate bars on the planet–El Rústico! A Mexican style chocolate, sprinkled with morsels of whole, hand-chopped vanilla bean, El Rústico will knock your socks off.

Chocolat Moderne – New York, NY
Joan Coukos-Todd, the spitfire chocolatier behind Chocolat Moderne, is famous around here for her silky caramels, fresh pralinés and filled chocolate bars. You will swoon over her passion fruit caramel and Jump for joy over her chocolate toffee bars!

Our Favorite Sweets

Zzang! BarZzang!® Candy Bars
The Original
The first bar we created and still the most popular. Layers of caramel, peanut butter nougat and butter-roasted Virginia peanuts dressed up in dark chocolate.
What the Fudge?®
Sweets for the sweet! Layers of fudge, caramel and malted milk cream fondant. The sweet-lovers dream.
Cashew Cow
Freshly roasted cashews and cashew brittle with milk chocolate gianduja enrobed in dark chocolate.
Raspberry chocolate ganache, raspberry nougat and raspberry chewy candies.

Chocolate Bars
With nearly one hundred bars and a dozen brands, our selection of
chocolate bars is one of the best in the country. We specialize in great
bean-to-bar chocolates from around the globe, including great artisan
chocolates from right here in the United States!

Truffles and Confections
Our fresh truffles and confections are as beautiful as they are delicious. Grocer’s Daughter truffles, hand-made right here in Michigan; Flora Confections in Chicago who is using seasonal & local fruit; pralinés from Chocolat Moderne of NYC…

Candy Corner
We know how satisfying a great candy can be. We work hard to track
down the best, full-flavored, traditionally made sweets in the world
for you. We’ve found RJ’s Licorice, perfect butter caramels from Béquet
Confections, all-natural gummies from Seitenbacher, Italian gelée di
frutta…and we’re still looking!