Next Door Coffeehouse

Coffee & Tea

Zingerman’s Coffee

Brewed Zingerman’s Coffee
Locally roasted in Ann Arbor by Zingerman’s Coffee Company.
short $2.50 / tall $3.25
(bottomless cups $3.75, dine-in ONLY)

ŠPourover Coffee
The perfect cup of coffee, brewed to-order just for you! We grind the beans right before your eyes and then add just enough hot water to make a single, flawless cup of coffee. No fancy gears or gadgets – just fresh ground coffee, hot water and the cup.
prices vary

Drinks from our Espresso

Less is more: the tastiest shot around. Check out that crema!
short $2.15 / tall $2.50

Our exceptional espresso with steamed milk & plenty of silky foam.
short $3.50 / tall $4.25

A cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso.
short $4.00 / tall $4.75

Espresso with steamed Calder Dairy milk.
short $3.50 / tall $4.25

Espresso with hot water.
short $2.75 / tall $3.25

A cappuccino made with half & half and an extra shot.
short $4.00 / tall $4.75

Made with Zingerman’s exclusive Scharffen Berger cocoa, steamed milk and real whipped cream!
short $3.25 / tall $4.00
(see our complete hot chocolate menu here)

Our latte with chocolate syrup made with Zingerman’s exclusive Scharffen Berger chocolate. Served with real whipped cream.
short $4.00 / tall $4.75

• shot of flavored syrup 75¢
• x-tra shot of espresso 75¢
• shot of béquet caramel sauce 75¢

Our Favorite Tea

• organic earl grey
• organic keemun golden buds
• 1st or 2nd flush darjeeling
• barry’s irish breakfast
• golden yunnan
• ceylon
• assam
• nilgiri
short $2.50 / tall $4.50 pot

• iron goddess of mercy
• bao zhong
• bergamot oolong
short $2.50 / tall $4.50 pot

• organic dragon well
• sencha superior
• jasmine pearl
• earl green
• moroccan mint
• genmaicha
• orange blossom
short $2.50 / tall $4.50 pot

Herbal (no caffeine)
• roots
• organic unity
• organic peppermint
• rooibos
• organic golden chamomile blossoms
• hibiscus berry
• yerba maté
• tea tree flowers
short $2.50 / tall $4.50 pot

• silver needle
short $2.50 / tall $4.50 pot

Spicy and sweet chai tea (our own secret recipe) with steamed milk. This is what heaven would taste like.
short $2.50 / tall $4.50 pot

Maté Latte
Yerba Maté and hot steamed Calder Dairy milk.
short $2.50 / tall $4.50 pot

Award-winning teas from all over the Far East. Less than 2% of the world’s tea has the handcrafted artisanal quality of Rishi Tea.