Next Door Coffeehouse

Literally next door to the Deli. It’s not just a stop for world-class coffees — it’s a fun place to relax, study, learn, eat and drink. Next Door is home to coffee, tea, chocolate, pastries, scones, cakes, pies, gelato, grab-and-go sandwiches and the friendly knowledgeable service you’ve come to expect from Zingerman’s.

Holiday Blend Zingerman’s Coffee Co Roaster’s Pick:
2014 Holiday Blend

hen we developed our Holiday Blend for 2014, we had in mind a “session” coffee that emphasizes body and balance over acidity and super complex floral bouquets.  After a lot of blending, tasting, and tweaking, we settled on a medium-roasted blend of estate-grown coffees from around the world. We think it’s the kind of coffee you will drink day and night, at breakfast and with dessert, indoors, outdoors, with family and friends, or just by yourself, as you sit fireside wrapped in a pile of blankets.

$15.99/12oz bag

Mint Mocha Zingerman’s Next Door, Drink of the Month: Mint Mocha

A delicious blend of two of our favorite winter flavors, rich Scharffen Berger chocolate syrup & cool peppermint combined with our espresso, Calder Dairy milk & real whipped cream.

$4.25/short, $5/tall

Seasonal Cakes Zingerman’s Bakehouse Seasonal Cakes

Buche De Noel

Our version of a traditional French holiday dessert: a light vanilla cake filled walnut rum buttercream and covered in chocolate buttercream. It’s decorated with hand-made edible candy mushrooms, holly and freshly fallen snow. Serves 8 to 10.

$35/whole $5.99/slice

Merry Mint Chocolate Cake

A cake to make your holidays a little merrier! Layers of chocolate cake, filled with chocolate mint buttercream, covered in vanilla buttercream and garnished with crushed peppermint candy.

$7.99 slice

Chocolate Picks Emily’s Chocolate Picks

  1. Askinosie Peppermint Bark Artisanal made peppermint bark made in Springfield, Missouri. Few things say holiday cheer quite like layered slabs of single-origin dark chocolate, buttery white chocolate, and all-natural crushed peppermint from Hammond’s Candies.
  2. Veruca Chocolate, Grown Up Gelt for Chanukah Enjoy the tradition of Chanukah gelt a bit more deliciously! Gold and silver dusted disks from Veruca Chocolates in Chicago, are formed to look like Judean coins circa 40 B.C. Available in Milk chocolate, Dark Chocolate with crunchy Nibs, Dark chocolate with crystals of sea salt. A great gift for every day of Chanukah.
  3. Pralus Chocolatier Pistachio Diabolical Bar A new addition from Francois Pralus. Rich 75% dark chocolate brimming with creamy pistachio paste and dotted with roasted pistachios. This bar looks innocent from the outside, but it is definitely a show stopper.
  4. Big Picture Farm Goat Milk Caramels Handmade in Vermont, these soft & creamy caramels are crafted using rich milk from a
    happy herd of pasture-raised goats, lovingly tended to by farmers, Louisa and Lucas. Smooth & buttery caramels with a complex sweetness, packaged in adorable boxes.
  5. Dandelion Chocolate Single-Origin Chocolate Bars Decoratively wrapped bars produced in small batches in the Mission District of San Francisco. They source from small farms and use a simple recipe of just cocoa beans & sugar, which highlight the nuances and unique flavors of each of their single origin chocolate bars.
  6. Poco Dolce Toffee Tin Inside modest round metal tins you will find a whopping half-pound of buttery toffee enrobed in bittersweet chocolate. ‘Espresso’ features toffee infused with housemade espresso while ‘Popcorn’ is just that – freshly popped popcorn folded right into the sea salt toffee. Indulgent and addictive.
  7. Mindo Chocolate Makers Ecuadorian Drinking Chocolate New to our Deli this fall from our friends at Mindo Chocolate Makers located in Dexter MI. Crafted special for Zingerman’s by owner Barbara Wilson at Mindo. Their 77% dark Ecuadorian drinking chocolate is delicately floral, has a nice acidity and leaves a lingering finish.
  8. Enric Rovira Bombolas Nuggets of goodness covered in chocolate crafted in Barcelona, Spain. Candied orange pieces, enveloped in 70% dark chocolate and gently dusted with confectioner’s sugar. The almonds are the long & slender Largueta variety, caramelized in their papery skins, dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder.
  9. D. Barbero Tripolino Chocolate Covered Nougat The Barbero family has been making torrone since 1883 in Asti, Italy. This 100 gram torrone bar is crisp & crumbly in texture and loaded with lush, toasted hazelnuts and smothered in layers of dark chocolate.
  10. Custom Box of Chocolates Who doesn’t love a special custom box of handmade confections? The Next Door’s truffle case is a treasure trove of handmade confections from producers located all over the world. Come peruse the selection or let one of our staff put together the perfect assortment of flavors and textures.