Next Door Coffeehouse

Literally next door to the Deli. It’s not just a stop for world-class coffees — it’s a fun place to relax, study, learn, eat and drink. Next Door is home to coffee, tea, chocolate, pastries, scones, cakes, pies, gelato, grab-and-go sandwiches and the friendly knowledgeable service you’ve come to expect from Zingerman’s.

Rosemary Baby Zingerman’s Next Door, Drink of the Month: Rosemary Baby

An herbaceous blend of flowers from the ancient tea trees of Yunnan and fresh rosemary.


Blossom Peaberry Zingerman’s Coffee Co Roaster’s Pick:
Blossom Peaberry

From Daterra Farm in Mins Gerais, Brazil, this is the first crop of Blossom Peaberry they have produced in their 20-year history. The Blossom is a single varietal coffee that originally earned its name for its amazing lily-like fragrance. Daterra produced only 586 pounds of this very special bean and Zingerman’s Coffee Company purchased the entire lot so you have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy this rare brew only here in Ann Arbor.

$18.99/12oz bag

Dobos Torta Zingerman’s Bakehouse Cake of the Month:
Dobos Torta

Pronounced [doh-bosh], this traditional Hungarian coffeehouse torte was created in 1887 by well known chef and confectioner József C. Dobos (1847–1924). It’s five thin layers of vanilla sponge cake and dark chocolate butter cream, all topped with pieces of crispy dark caramel. Taste one of Hungary’s most famous tortas!

20% off whole cakes and slices