Kalamata Olives: From a single estate in Greece, these hand-picked organic olives are plump, sweetly briny and buttery. We also sell pitted Kalamata olives by the pound.

We proudly serve Mt. Vikos Barrel-Aged Feta from Greece: Our feta is a blend of goat’s and sheep’s milk, which yields a tangy taste and ultra-creamy mouthfeel. It’s aged in birch barrels for great flavor.

What can be so special about salad?

The Veggies: We LOVE our salads here at the Deli. Whether they feature brilliant, peppery arugula from Garden Works, sweet, nutty, wintergrown hoophouse spinach from Tantré Farm, sugar snap peas, luscious roasted beets, romanesco, heirloom tomatoes or firecracker kale, these veggies please and astonish. You’ll be thrilled by the constant inventions from our kitchen and their equally creative names like Blue-Bleu, Roman Holiday, SnapJack, Chez Puh-leez or Dandy Rad anyone?. Our chef has cultivated relationships with dozens of local farmers, and counting. We always serve the best market stuff available at the absolute height of its flavor.

Dressing your salad: We make all our dressings, sauces and vinaigrettes in-house from family and friends’ recipes, seeking top quality ingredients. Does it matter if the parsley in the Russian dressing is market-fresh or dry from a jar? Yes, it does. Is that fresh basil, thyme, rosemary and tarragon along with Calder Dairy sour cream in the tastiest ranch dressing you’ll ever find? Yes. Even the croutons are handmade with Bakehouse breads and extra virgin olive oil. We want every bite to be as good as it can possibly be.