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November Sandwich(es) of the Month:

Superlative Sandwich Swap

We’re partnering with 4 of the best sandwich shops in the U.S. to bring great new tastes to Ann Arbor and help the community through the Share Our Strength/No Hungry Kids program.

Starting November 2, Zingerman’s Deli will feature a new sandwich each week and shops across the country will be featuring a long-time Zingerman’s staple Jon and Amy’s Double Dip. Of course, you can get Jon and Amy’s anytime at the Deli and here is the rotating schedule of great guest sandwiches we’ll be featuring in November!

Butcher & Bee: Charleston, SC
BBQ Pulled Squash Sandwich

Butternut Squash, Butcher & Bee BBQ Sauce, Smoked Slaw, Cilantro Vinaigrette, B&B Pickles on a Hoagie Roll.
This sandwich was rated by Food & Wine as one of the best in the U.S. and few of our managing partners had the pleasure of visiting this shop in a trip last year. They report that their huge reputation for great sandwiches is well-deserved.

No. 7 Sub: NY, NY
Zucchini Parm Sub

Breaded and Fried Zucchini, Onion Puree, Pickled Jalapenos, Fontina Cheese, BBQ Potato Chips on an Italian Roll.
Named one of the Best New Restaurants by Bon Appetit when they opened in 2009, No. 7 Sub brings a new twist on a traditional Italian hero.

Bunk: Portland, OR
Oregon Albacore Tuna Melt

Oregon Wild Troll-caught Albacore Tuna, Cheddar, Mayo, Dijon, Pickles on Ciabatta.
Deli chef Rodger also stopped in at Bunk in his travels out west and was duly impressed. This is a signature sandwich in their shops and according to Food & Wine it is “approaching tuna-melt perfection.”

Noble Sandwich Co.: Austin, TX
Seared Beef Tongue

Beef Tongue in a Corned Beef Brine, Red Pepper Relish, Smoked Green Onions and Fresh Garlic Mayo.
With beef tongue becoming an ever more popular sandwich ingredient, Noble Sandwich Co. steps in with this creation that was lauded by
Men’s Journal as one of the 50 Best Sandwiches in America.

November Plate of the Month:

Hungarian Cabbage Rolls

Available as the dinner plate of the month from 5pm-10pm Our secret ingredient is whole heads of cabbage that have been fermented into sauerkraut by the pickling wizards at The Brinery. We take the whole leaves and stuff them full of even more flavor with our pork sausage, onions and rice. Then we top them off with a little Hódi Hungarian Paprika, a splash of tomato sauce and bake them up just for you! 2 Rolls, your choice of vegetable side from the salad case: $13.99

Available January and February 2015! All of our homemade pot pies are available heated, ready to heat or frozen. Keep a few on hand this winter for a quick and delicious dinner option! $9.99/each
(Serves 1)
Zingerman’s Classic Chicken Pot Pie
Free range chicken hand picked off the bone and blended with big chunks of carrots, celery, potatoes, onions and herbs. Wrapped in a handmade butter crust. It’s the perfect lazy cook winter meal; it’s warm, filling and easier than pie.
John H. Turkey – Turkey Pot Pie
Harnois & Son Farm turkey with big chunks of celery, carrots, onions, potatoes and spiced with Turkish Urfa pepper and fresh herbs. Then wrapped in a handmade butter crust.
Fungi Pot Pie
vegetarian selection
A fun pie for the fungiphiles! Michigan Maitake Mushrooms, Tantré Farm Organic Shiitake Mushrooms and a little Balinese Long Pepper, tucked in an all-butter crust.
Darina’s Dingle Pie
A salute to the miners on the Dingle Peninsula of Ireland: this pie is made with lamb from Hannewald Farm, Stockbridge, MI, loads of potatoes, rutabaga, onions and a dash of cumin and rosemary. Wrapped miner-style (no tin) in a butter crust.
Cheshire Pork Pie
Made from a 4-H Tamworth hog raised by Nic Harnois a future star farmer from Northern Washtenaw Co. braised with onions, apple cider and spices then stuffed in a handmade pastry crust with apples from Kapnick Orchards in Britton, MI. Wrapped miner style (no tin).
The Red Brick Beef Pot Pie
This beef pie is our heartiest one yet. Packed with big chunks of all natural beef from Ernst Farm here in Washtenaw Co., carrots, potatoes, fresh herbs and wrapped in our handmade crust.
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