Hot Dogs & Hash


Cabot Vermont Cheddar: We tasted a lot of Vermont cheddars before we decided to use Cabot Vermont Cheddar in our kitchen. Like the cheddar on your sandwich? You’ll love the Zingerman’s Nor’easter cheddar cheese! It’s the cheddar we put our name on. Made by Cabot, aged just under a year, wrapped and ready to take home.

Raye’s Mustard: This 4th generation operation in Eastport, Maine uses a 110 year old stone mill to grind its seeds. This process does not use heat, meaning the mustard’s full flavor and aroma are kept intact. Barrel aged for about four weeks, this smooth mustard is the ONLY yellow mustard we use.

United Meat & Deli: All-beef hot dogs with all-natural casing that snap when you bite into them. Made by our friends at United Meat and Deli, a Deli exclusive!