Puck’s Fountain Soda
We’re very excited to now be serving Puck’s soda. Made with natural cane sugar and absolutely no artificial flavors, Puck’s is how we think soda used to taste back in the day.
$2.50 free refills

Zingerman’s Iced Tea
Exclusive blends formulated by Rishi tea. Black, green and herbal infusion brews are available daily. Brewed fresh throughout the day from real tea leaves. Unsweetened.

Blenheim Ginger Ale
Spicy & bubbly, this is the way ginger ale is supposed to taste. Made the same way since 1903.
$2.75 each

Dr. Brown’s Soda
The quintessential deli soda.
$1.99 each

Bottled Water
With or without bubbles.
$1.99 each

Orange Juice
$2.50 short / $3.99 tall

Calder Dairy Milk
Regular or chocolate.
$1.50 short / $2.50 tall

Zingerman’s Cold Brewed Coffee
EXTREME WARNING — High caffeine voltage! The velvet hammer of the caffeine universe is slow but fast, smooth but potent, suave but savage — you’ve been warned.

Brooklyn Egg Cream*
Refreshing, chuggable East Coast magic soda. Despite the name, it contains neither eggs nor cream! Chocolate or vanilla.
$2.99 each

French Soda*
Your choice of flavored syrup mixed with milk.
$3.50 each

Italian Soda*
Your choice of flavored syrup with soda water.
$2.75 each

* Sorry, not available for delivery.

Calder Dairy Milk
This über flavorful non-homogenized milk is from a local Michigan family farm where each and every cow goes by a name, not a number. The cows are tended to with lots of T.L.C. and they are not fed any artificial hormones. Calder Dairy is our one and only milk supplier. You really CAN taste the difference!