Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sweets for the Sweet!

Pre-order Valentine’s Day Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, call 734-663-3354. Available for pick up at Zingerman’s Next Door: 2/12, 2/13 & 2/14.

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows: Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory Vanilla Marshmallows hand-dipped right here at the Deli in Michel Cluizel chocolate and coated in Zingerman’s Bakehouse Graham Crackers.


Dipped Strawberries: Plump ripe strawberries dipped in Michel Cluizel chocolate from France, adorned with either white chocolate, toasted coconut or slivered almonds.


Zzang Bars!

  • Zzang!® Original The first bar we created and still the most popular. Layers of caramel, peanut butter nougat and butter-roasted peanuts dressed up in dark chocolate.
  • Ca$hew Cow™ Freshly roasted cashews and cashew brittle with milk chocolate gianduja enrobed in dark chocolate.
  • What the Fudge® Sweets for the sweet! Layers of fudge, caramel and malted milk cream fondant. The sweet-lovers dream.
  • Wowza™ Raspberry chocolate ganache, raspberry nougat and raspberry jellied candies.
Valentine’s Truffles

One of our favorite activities is assembling custom boxes of truffles for our guests. Use this guide as your springboard to a one-of-a-kind assortment, and come visit us in the Next Door Chocolate Corner where we’ll craft your dream box!

    Empire, MI

  • Mayan Caramel
    Arbol chilies and cinnamon offset by a soothing honey caramel.
  • Michigan Cherry
    Robust & jammy cherry port blended with dark chocolate.
  • Chocolate on Chocolate
    Dark chocolate ganache covered in dark chocolate. So simple, so good!
  • Whiskey Fig
    Whiskey ganache tucked inside a dried fig, dipped in dark chocolate.
  • Ginger Pear (vegan!)
    Lush caramel studded with juicy pear & tangy ginger! Mouthwatering!
  • Apricot Twist (vegan!)
    Apricot-Chardonnay preserves brightened with orange zest – supple & fruity in a dark chocolate shell.
  • Pomegranate Ginger
    Organic cream, pomegranate extract, and fresh grated ginger paired with dark chocolate entices.
    Ann Arbor, MI

  • Aztec Heart
    Dark chocolate spiced with chilies, cinnamon, coriander & cumin.
  • Chai Latte
    Creamy white chocolate ganache infused with spiced chai & vanilla bean.
  • Birthday Bacon
    Nueske’s bacon and chocolate caramel sweetened with Soaring Hill’s hickory syrup.
  • Milk Chocolate Mint
    Milk chocolate infused with fresh mint & mint tea. Finished with a splash of créme de menthe.
  • Chocolate Balsamic
    Milk chocolate ganache spiked with 18-year balsamic vinegar. Pairs perfectly with strawberries.
  • Chocolate Covered Raspberry Pate de Fruit
    A juicy raspberry gelée dons a coat of dark chocolate.
    New York City

  • Lavender
    A velvety chocolate ganache with the perfect amount of lavender. Dream of the French countryside!
  • Ginger Rose
    Rose water & gentle ginger make for dark chocolate serenity.
  • Malted Milk
    A velvety milk chocolate ganache inspired by a soda fountain classic!
  • Lemon Basil
    Dark chocolate infused with fresh basil & brightened with a squeeze of lemon.
  • Matcha
    Dark chocolate deepened by the umami of matcha, a stone ground Japanese green tea.
    New York City

  • The Lover
    A tart, creamy passion fruit caramel warms this white heart. Best seller!
  • Amarena
    Tart Italian Amarena cherries bathed in vodka syrup & suited up in a dark chocolate shell.
  • Champagne Chic
    Double-layered! Milk & dark chocolate ganaches drunk on champagne and cognac. Delectable!
  • Hazelnut Hysterie
    Roasted hazelnuts, caramelized sugar, and milk chocolate molded in a dark chocolate heart.
  • Madame X’tasy
    This caramel gets a wake-up call from espresso & a bit of sea salt. Some liken this to brownie batter!
    Seattle, WA

  • Salt Caramels
    Perennial favorites. Copper kettle cooked caramels, dipped in either dark chocolate & topped with grey salt or milk chocolate & smoked salt.
  • Ginger Thin
    A thin slice of spicy, organic candied ginger coated in dark chocolate.
Chocolate Covered Cherries

Amarena Mon Amour! A sultry bonbon if there ever was one! Joan specifically selects Italian Amarena cherries for their pleasantly tart flavor; they plump up beautifully during a bath of vodka syrup before being sealed up in a pearlescent dark chocolate shell. Available by the piece, as well as in ribboned 12-piece coral gift boxes. In addition to Joan’s vodka cherries, we’ll have a small offering of her Mysteries of Love Collection: five hand-painted chocolate hearts in an assortment of Chocolat Moderne’s best selling flavors.

Grocer’s Daughter Wally Bar

We love working with Mimi & her crew in Empire, Michigan; her chocolate shop on M-22 is a treasury of Michigan-made and environmentally responsible treats. For many of our guests, the Grocer’s Daughter truffles we carry are a sweet reminder of the bonbons they’ve shared on summer trips on the West Side of the state. The Wally Bar is a staff favorite; dark chocolate & a tactile rollercoaster of maple-caramelized almonds, sweet-tart dried cherries & cranberries, cashews, and toasted seeds.

Mexican Drinking Chocolate

Cozy up with your honey and a cup of this Next Door favorite. We combine chopped Mexican chocolate (cacao, sugar, cinnamon, and almonds!) and a splash or two of water, using our “modern day molinillo,” a.k.a. steam wand, to froth the mixture. With a little elbow grease, you can recreate this light, fresh, and aromatic cup of chocolate at home.

2 TBSP grated or finely chopped Mexican chocolate (Microplane zesters are the ultimate tool for this task!)
4 oz cold water

In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine water and chocolate, stirring to melt; for a more frothy consistency, pour into a tall glass and vigorously whisk!

While traditionally made with water, for a richer cup this chocolate also tastes great with milk, or play up the almonds with silky almond milk.


Venchi’s Diablotins (“little devil” or “impish child”) are named for Alessandro Cagliostro, a very storied 18th century alchemist & occultist who hobnobbed with Europe’s elite. A veritable jack of all trades, one such occupation entailed the dispensing of aphrodisiacs. These Diablotins nod to his libido-enhancing chocolate “pennies” — each creamy chocolate, flavored with ground nuts or vanilla, encloses a dark chocolate coin.

Boxes of Chocolates!

The tradition of boxed chocolates for Valentine’s dates back longer than most would suspect (especially those who pooh-pooh the holiday as a greeting card company fabrication). We have John Cadbury (yes, of those creamy faux yolk chocolate eggs) to thank; in the 1830s, he began selling his chocolates in elaborately decorated boxes (watercolor illustrations, small mirrors, even velvet lining!). While our chocolates are boxed more simply, I think we’ve got Mr. Cadbury beat in the flavor department. Our truffle case will be lovingly overflowing with confections of all kinds, ready to be boxed up for your sweetheart’s delight.

Patric’s PBJ OMG!

A clever take on a classic food duo — peanut butter & jelly! Alan “Patric” McClure pairs his Malagasy chocolate (full of jammy, red berry notes!) with roasty peanut butter, refining the mixture until it’s unbelievably smooth. Fall in love with this limited edition before it takes its annual summer vacation.