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With over 200 cheeses to peruse and a plethora of amazing charcuterie, hand-picked olives, locally fermented veggies, hand-sliced cold smoked salmon and prosciutto, the deli counter will have you coming back time and time again to discover your favorites. Is your favorite cheese, Providence, an aged raw goat’s milk cheese from Goat Lady Dairy in North Carolina? (Mine is!) Or, do you favor a traditional farmhouse cheddar from across the Pond? You’ll have to taste to decide, and lucky for you, you can taste absolutely everything we have to offer.

Did you know you can get all the ingredients for your favorite Zingerman’s sandwiches by the pound! We even offer free grocery curbside pickup and grocery delivery. Find out more information >

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Our Favorite Producers

Prosciutto di Parma

Making prosciutto in Langhirano, Italy has been a family tradition for the Tosini’s since 1905. These hams have been aged well past the required minimum 400 days and are still inspected by the three family members that run the company before they are sold. Their production is small compared to many others in the industry. Pio Tosini’s prosciutto is incredibly balanced and has a sweetness that makes you want more. Ask for a taste, and take home an ounce or two.

Columbus Crespone

Hailing from Iowa, Herb & Kathy Eckhouse’s pork house produces the most amazing cured meats with exceptional quality & flavor. See what all the fuss is about –ask for a taste!

We make mozzarella from cow’s milk curd from BelGioioso every morning. The extremely fresh, milky, sublime flavor will have you spoiled from other store-bought mozzarella.

From a Single-Estate in Greece, these hand-picked organic olives are plump, sweetly briny and buttery. We also sell pitted Kalamata olives by the pound.


Made only when the cows are grazing in the lush open pastures of Ireland—you really CAN taste the difference in its big creamy flavor and softer texture.