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Ari’s 2013 Holiday Gift List

Iberico Bellota Bacon
The oils from the acorns these hogs are fed add enormous richness to the meat and the fat turns into something so delicious, so flavorful, and so memorable that the resulting product is like no other piece of pork. You can clearly make do with any of the other wonderful artisan bacons […]

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Zingerman's News Feature

Bark Wrapped and Torta Style Cheeses!

Snippet from a weekly cheese notes from Deli Cheesemonger Chad Hayes, sign-up to receive full enews here

Harbison, Rush Creek & Finca Pasqualete

Finca Pasqualete pictured
Bark wrapped and torta style cheeses have become extremely popular “party center pieces”. Traditionally made with winters milk, they have offered a way for dairies to continue milking throughout the colder […]

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