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We’re Open and We’re Making Progress!

Hi Everybody,

I’m Nancy Rucker and I’ve been at Zingerman’s since 1983 as the Deli’s Facilities Manager. Since November of 2010 I’ve been wearing a hard hat as “Manager of Construction Site Logistics”—woohoo! This EXCITING PUZZLE makes more and more sense as each piece falls into place! Below are my updates on the latest!

April 26, 2013

Sandwich Ordering Moved to New Location!

The sandwich line now forms in the space that connects the original Deli to the new building.

The sandwich line now forms in the space that connects the original Deli to the new building.


Look for the ‘Order Sandwiches’ sign to guide you to the sandwich line.


Order your sandwiches and salads here and then head straight into the 420 Bldg (the blue house) to checkout.


Our new salad case fits more food! That means there will be more choices!

January 31, 2013

We’re REALLY almost finished with the Deli addition! The buildings are now connected!!

The new view standing by the olive oil and vinegar and looking into the new building!

And, there’s a ramp allowing for wheel chair and stroller access into the new building.

We are still figuring out the new space and deciding how the Deli displays will change. The bottom line: there is much more space for full-flavored and traditional foods!

The north porch atrium has a great window that lets in lots of daylight! This will eventually be the space that you order sandwiches from. (Starting in March)

You now can get to checkout through the Deli! Just walk through the back of the Deli and hang a right.

We’re very excited for all the new space and the room for more food that it gives us!


October 31, 2012

The new building is now open!!

After 2 years of design and construction, we are super excited to announce that the new building is now open! Stop by and check it out: expanded seating, large open kitchen, outdoor dining deck, more restrooms and more registers!! While the new building is open, we are still under construction. It is definitely a work in progress. From now until January construction will be underway to connect the Deli to the new building. Currently you still order your sandwiches in the deli, and then go into the new building to check out in the 420 bldg. Come January, you will order sandwiches and salads in the space that connects the Deli to the new building. You will always enter through the Deli’s front door!

The new street view

The BIG dining space upstairs. Check out the family-style long tables. The Jensen Brothers did a beautiful job custom making these wood top tables for us.

The blue house (the 420 bldg) is the new check out! We have a brand new computer system and everyone is still learning. So we appreciate your patience! Notice that the tile matches the Deli building tile!

New favorite place to sit and enjoy some good food: the south dining porch. It has two garage doors that open to the patio when the weather permits. Even when they are closed they let in lots of natural light! The bench that wraps the room was made with the pine tree that once grew on the lot where the new building stands! Again, more beautiful work by the Jensens!

October 11, 2012

We’re almost finished! A sneak peek into the new building.

Your view from inside the new building looking toward the south dining porch.

From inside the south dining porch.

From the top of the stairs, standing in the new big 2nd floor dining space.

View from inside the new open and spacious Deli kitchen. Soon tasty food will be flying out of here!

July 10, 2012

A Sneak Peak Inside the Deli Build-out

June 25, 2012

20 months (11/10-6/12) on our corner from above!

June 5, 2012

“the 420 building”

The “orange house” is newly named henceforth “the 420 building”. Central to everything, nestled between the original and new expanded parts of the Deli, 420 will be our main CHECK OUT hub. What’s most fun about the deli’s new footprint is the exterior of the 420 building actually being INSIDE the expanded Deli!

May 21, 2012

Heywood-Wakefield chairs

Do you recognize the salvaged Heywood-Wakefield chairs we’ve been dining on for nearly three decades? Sturdy, stable workhorses, they’re a CLASSIC design and have been made in Michigan since the turn of the century. Thanks for finding them, Jean Henry! Find the spunky red ones when the Deli Addition’s dining spots open for seating!

May 14, 2012

‘Deck of our Dreams’

The Upstairs Deli Dining Deck of our Dreams is now under construction with a sweeping view to the South, the West and the lower patio. Imagine the magical panorama while nestling right up to the roof of the “420 House”! Nowhere like it anywhere.

May 4, 2012

the 420 building has siding now!!