Featured Foods

April 2015 – West Coast of Flavor!

Glendale Shepherd: Island Brebis (sheep's milk cheese) Glendale Shepherd: Island Brebis (sheep’s milk cheese)

Hailing from the eastern edge of Washington state’s iconic Whidbey Island, this raw aged sheep cheese comes straight from the heart. Coastal grazing yields ewes’ milk full of character and the Swanson family only uses milk from their own herd. The care this third-generational farming family applies toward their farm, animals, and community won them a 2014 Good Food Award. Despite that it’s an award-winning cheese, Island Brebis rarely leaves the Puget Sound region, so we are very lucky to offer it on our cheese counter.

Ancient Heritage Dairy: Hannah (sheep and cow's milk cheese) Ancient Heritage Dairy: Hannah (sheep and cow’s milk cheese)

Another 2014 Good Food Award Winning cheese from the West Coast, Ancient Heritage Dairy mixes raw sheep and cow milk to produce Hannah. With its natural rind and complex citrus and nut notes, Hannah is not nearly as delicate as its name implies. The dairy recently moved to the big city of Portland, but the flavors and quality of their cheese are rooted in the farmland of Oregon.

Bellwether Farms: Crescenza (cow’s milk cheese) Bellwether Farms: Crescenza (cow’s milk cheese)

Even better than the real thing…this classic Italian fresh cheese style has been frequently reproduced, but rarely with success or flavor. The Callahan’s have been making really good cheese in Petaluma since the mid-80’s. Originally inspired by the cheeses of northern Italy, they have slowly added to their lineup, and only after the cheeses taste as good or better than what they were inspired by.

Fabrique Délices: Charcuterie Fabrique Délices: Charcuterie

Based in California’s Bay Area, the folks at Fabrique Délices have been making traditional French charcuterie with all-natural meats since 1985. Their decadent pâtés and mousses are an indispensable accompaniment to any cheese board, and their sausages will satisfy even the most finicky of Frenchmen. One bite and your taste buds will be spending this April in Paris!

Fra' Mani Salumi Fra’ Mani Salumi

In 2006, Paul Bertolli founded Fra’ Mani in Berkeley, California after a life-long love affair with salumi that started with his grandfather’s homemade prosciutto and sopressata. His dedication to traditional recipes, slow aging, and the best sustainably-sourced ingredients has yielded a fantastically flavorful collection of meats. Step up your spaghetti carbonara with the rolled pancetta or bring a new star to your next meat plate with the Salame Nostrano.

Spring Oil Change Sale Spring Oil Change Sale

Our annual olive oil sale gives you a chance to stock up on your favorites and get great deals on some that you may not have discovered yet. Select oils of the 2013 harvests from Italy, Spain, France, and California are on sale: buy 1 bottle at 10% off, 2 bottles at 20% off and 3 or more bottles at 30% off. Look for the 1-2-3 sticker and stock up!

Katz Late Harvest Zinfandel Vinegar Katz Late Harvest Zinfandel Vinegar

Agrodolce in Italian translates to sweet and sour, which is exactly what the Katz family of Napa Valley, California was aiming for with this garnet colored wine vinegar. Jammy plum and fresh berry overtones give way to a pleasant, crisp finish. Use it on fresh greens or make a sweet and sour gastrique by reducing it over heat and adding honey or jam.

Blue Chair Fruit Jam and Marmalade Blue Chair Fruit Jam and Marmalade

Straight out of Oakland comes small-batch jams and marmalades from Blue Chair
Fruit. By using organic, sustainable and locally-sourced fruit, Blue Chair Fruit captures the essence of California sunshine in each jar. Try some jam alongside your next cheese plate or lively up breakfast with a dollop of marmalade.

April 2015 Specials

Connétable Sardines Tinned Fish of the Month:
Connétable Sardines

Founded in 1853, the Connétable factory has been producing some of the world’s best sardines for over a century-and-a-half. These simple, no-nonsense classics from Brittany, France are cleaned by hand, fried and then packed in velvety extra virgin olive oil. Good enough for the fanciest of hors d’oeuvres or enjoyed right out of the tin.

$6.60/ea, (reg. price $9.99/ea)

California Table Olives Olive of the Month:
California Table Olives

These are not the giant black pitted olives you remember as a child. These Italian-varietal olives are meaty and flavorful, but watch out: they have pits!

$10/half lb or $20/lb

Wild Cumin Spice of the Month:
Wild Cumin

This wild black cumin seed will give you a whole new appreciation for just how amazing a spice can be—it’s a long ways from the standard stuff sold on supermarket shelves to this wild, hand-gathered Uzbek cumin seed we’ve got on hand at the Deli. Spices, like wines, olive oils or coffees, of course, vary from origin to origin. This Uzbek cumin has a very delicate but still super delicious cumin taste with hints of wild herbs. It’s a bit earthy, seriously sensual and aromatic. People who shy away from cumin’s pronounced presence are usually won over by this wild offering.

$11.25/ea (reg. price $15/ea, that’s 25% off)

Paesano Bread Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bread of the Month:
Paesano Bread

Pass this bread around the table for ripping and dipping in great olive oil, soup or


Special Bakes:

  • Easter cakes & cookies 3/27-4/5
  • Passover desserts 4/1-4/11
  • Somodi Kálacs every weekend
  • Hot Cross Buns 4/2- 4/5
  • Black Olive Farm 4/10 & 4/11
  • Loomis bread 4/17 & 4/18
  • Olive Oil Cake 4/23-4/26
  • Green Olive Paesano 4/24 & 4/25
Sharon Hollow Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese of the Month:
Sharon Hollow

Choose from Garlic & Pepper or Garlic & Chives

This fresh, delicately flaky cheese is made by gently hand-ladling ladling cow’s milk curd into perforated molds, which allows the whey to drain slowly, imparting a wonderful flavor to the finished round.

Enjoy the fresh flavor of the cheese simply with a crusty baguette. Stuff into Spanish piquillo peppers with some sea salt, broil and hit with a touch of good olive oil. Stuff into pasta shells and bake in homemade sauce. Crumble into scrambled eggs or omelets at the last minute. Melt atop steaming hot baked potatoes. Use it on roasted veggie sandwiches or panini.

$6.99/ea ($8.00/ea regular price)

Rwanda - Abakundakawa Cooperative Zingerman’s Coffee Co Roaster’s Pick:
Rwanda – Abakundakawa Cooperative

At their best, Rwandan beans offer flavors many people have never experienced in a cup of coffee. We liked this lot from the Abakundakawa Coop for its crisp character, complexity and delicate tropical fruit notes.

$18.99/12oz bag

Dirty Sheed Next Door Drink of the Month:

Dirty Sheed

Two shots of espresso topped with a shot of vanilla, lots of ice and a bit of cream.


Hummingbird Cake Zingerman’s Bakehouse Cake of the Month:

Hummingbird Cake 20% off 
When Zingerman’s Roadhouse opened in 2003, the Bakehouse was inspired to introduce many old time American favorites. Hummingbird cake is one of them. A traditional Southern cake with toasted coconut, fresh bananas, toasted pecans and pineapple covered in cream cheese frosting. Treat yourself with one of our most popular cakes.

Emily's Easter Basket Favorites Emily’s Easter Basket FavoritesVosges Bacon and Dark Chocolate Eggs
3 Egg Collection
Attention Mo’s Bacon Bar fans, Vosges has created an even more indulgent mixture of sweet, salty & savory just for Spring. This limited edition pack includes 3 eggs made up of a dark chocolate shell and wrapped around rich fudgy caramel peppered with smokey bacon bits.

Vosges White Rabbit Caramel Bonbons
5 Bunny Collection
These bonbons are cute as a button and taste like Springtime. Creamy white chocolate wrapped around soft buttery caramel blended with fragrant strawberries and brightened with lemon zest. Each box contains 5 bunnies.

Sweet Gem’s Peanut Butter Honey Bunnies
This seasonal delight, crafted by Nancy Biehn, is a classic flavor combination made to perfection. The cute bunny-shaped shell hides a golden center made of creamy organic peanut butter whipped with honey and encased in your choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate.

Chocolat Moderne’s Painted Chocolate Eggs
No hollow eggs here! Brimming with a variety of textures and flavors, these almost-too-beautiful-to-eat chocolate eggs are from Chocolat Moderne out of New York City. Each egg measures about 3 inches in length, weighing just under two ounces – the equivalent of 4 Chocolat Moderne bonbons. Owner Joan Coukos hand-paints each egg with vibrant Spring colors. These are limited in number and won’t last long!

Available in

  • Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel: Rich caramel sprinkled with sea salt from the Welsh coast enveloped by a silky milk chocolate shell.
  • Milk Chocolate Filled: Creamy milk chocolate ganache, with just the right amount of sweetness enveloped by a milk chocolate shell
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel: Sea salted caramel encased in a rich dark chocolate shell.
  • Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate wrapped around velvety dark chocolate ganache made with 72% Venezuelan cocoa.
  • Pistachio Filled: This blue speckled egg following a European Easter tradition of nut fillings. Joan takes coarse-ground roasted pistachios, folds them into buttery rich white chocolate and adds crisped rice for added pop.
  • Dark and Milk chocolate 3 Egg Collections also available.

Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory PB&J Eggs
This much anticipated Easter confection from our own candy company is crafted with old-fashioned, brown-butter peanut butter fudge topped with a dollop of seedless raspberry jam and shaped into an egg before receiving a dark chocolate egg shell. Sweet & tart!

Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory Almond Fudge Eggs
Our candy company starts with their rich browned butter chocolate fudge and adds a hefty amount of lush almond paste from California’s premiere almond producer, Mandelin, for a big nutty flavor. A bath in dark chocolate and a topping of aromatic toasted almonds puts it over the top!

Easter Super Zzang!
One of Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory’s most popular treats and perfect for any occasion. 13 inches of Original Zzang! glory; peanuts, honey nougat, muscovado caramel, enrobed in dark chocolate!