Featured Foods

March 2015 – Celebrating 33 years!

Cabra Blanca Cheese Cabra Blanca Cheese

Lovely, light and citrusy, this goat’s milk cheese is handmade in Paonia, Colorado by Avalanche Cheese Company, surrounded by like-minded farmers who are producing some of America’s best specialty products.

Jacobs & Brichford Soft Round Cheese Jacobs & Brichford Soft Round Cheese

This company is just three years into the cheese business, but a lifetime of dairy knowledge and passion for good milk goes into the production of this farmstead, grass fed cow’s milk cheese. Inspired by the classic Reblochon, this cheese is uniquely Indiana.

Dorset Cheese Dorset Cheese

The namesake of the historic village in Vermont, Dorset is a raw Jersey cow’s milk, washed rind cheese from Consider Bardwell Farm. The perfect pairing for a corned beef and cabbage affair.

Aged All Beef Salami Aged All Beef Salami

Subtle, sweet, and superbly beefy. Sy Ginsberg’s mild beef salami is transformed through weeks of careful in-house aging. Slice it thinly for the perfect snack, or a little thicker for a substantial sandwich. Available exclusively from the Deli.

Beef Brisket Beef Brisket

Perhaps the best-kept secret in the Deli. Choice beef brisket is roasted for hours with fresh marjoram and garlic, sea salt, Tellicherry black pepper, and vinegar. Slice it thin for a rich, savory sandwich or extra-thick for the perfect centerpiece of a hearty dinner.

Casados Olive Oil Casados Olive Oil

A classic marriage of opposites: soft, smooth and fruity arbequina olive oil blended with the big, brazen peppery flavors of coratina olives. The result? A full flavored yet balanced olive oil, unfiltered and organic, that would put marriage counselors out of business.

Oro Del Desierto Olive Oil Oro Del Desierto Olive Oil

A tasty blend of four olives from one of the best growing regions in Spain. Lechin, Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Picual are used in this blend. Using organic methods this family owned farm is turning heads at an international level for making some of the tastiest extra virgin olive oil around. Give it taste and see for yourself.

Brusc Vinegar Brusc Vinegar

The Bianco family makes these brisk and complex vinegars using old fashioned oak casks and their own grapes. Most of the grapes are destined for their best wines, but a few are set aside for the vinegar. Piedmont is world famous for its Moscato, and this vinegar is full of the same complex flavors with a sour punch in the end. The Dolcetto isn’t as famous but should be. Ruby red in color, a little more mellow than the white.

Tishbi Preserves Tishbi Preserves

Cherry Shiraz and Onion Cabernet. Great condiments with Jewish roots.

Zingerman’s Anniversary March 15th Zingerman’s Anniversary Sunday, March 15th

Bellstone Toffee – 11am to 2pm
Zingerman’s Bakehouse – 11am to 2pm
Zingerman’s Coffee Company – 12pm to 3pm
Zingerman’s Creamery: – 12pm to 3pm
Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory – 11am to 2pm

March Anniversary Spring Sale:

  • Nueske’s Applewood Bacon Was $14.99/lb now $11/Lb
  • Arkansas Peppered Bacon Was $14.99/lb now $11.25/lb
  • Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon Book $15, reg. price $29.99
  • Spencers Back Bacon $7.50/ea, reg. price $10
  • Wild Boar Salami $10/ea, reg. price $20
  • Parmigiano-reggiano $20/lb, reg. price $26.99/lb
  • Comte $19/lb, reg. price $38/lb
  • Brabander Gouda $18/lb, reg. price $27/lb
  • Pril Gouda $14/lb, reg. price $24/lb
  • Marieke’s Gouda $14.50/lb, reg. price $25/lb
  • Montgomery’s Cheddar $25/lb, reg. price $36/lb
  • Piave $15/lb, reg. price $22/lb
  • Bayley Hazen Blue $19.50/lb, reg. price $30/lb
  • Zingerman’s Peanut Brittle $5/4oz box, reg. price $5.99
  • Zingerman’s Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittles $6/4oz box, reg. price $7.99
  • Chocolate Dipped Figs 9 figs $10/ea, reg. price $14.99
  • Chocolate Dipped Figs 6 figs $7/ea, reg. price $9.99
  • Zzang Candy Bar $4/ea, reg. price $5.99
  • Manchester $12.50/ea, reg. price $15/ea
  • Detroit St. Brick $25/lb, reg. price $36/lb
  • Great Lakes Cheshire $25/lb, reg. price $32
  • City Goat $6/ea, reg. price $8.99

American Spoon Cherry Berry Spoon fruit / Black and Blueberry Spoon Fruit
Justin and Ari’s relationship goes back almost as far as their love of amazing food does.  We’ve been blessed to have American Spoon make these fine ‘Zingerman’s exclusive’ spoon fruits for many years now. Made without granulated sugar, these preserves have an amazing fresh berry flavor we’ve come to know and love.

Ortiz bonito del Norte tuna

Our all time favorite tuna made by a 5th generation tuna-canning family in Spain. We sell lots and lots every year, and for good reason, it’s simply delicious. Take one home and taste the difference for yourself.

Mahjoub Traditional Harissa

Majid and Onsa Mahjoub are great friends of ours.  Their products are some of the tastiest and most traditional Tunisian products we’ve tasted.  Harissa is a spicy hot spread of dried chiles, garlic, tomatoes, caraway, coriander and extra-virgin olive oil. You can get busy in the kitchen mixing harissa with eggs, with potatoes, with couscous or whipped into a fresh vinaigrette for salads. Goes great on grilled meats or simply on some of your favorite bread with olive oil.  

Alziari Olive Oil 1L tin

A staff and customer favorite, this blended oil from Nice, France, will soon become one of your favorites too. Its fruity and buttery flavor pairs beautifully with vegetables, is delicious to just dip bread in, and makes for an exciting addition to your grilled meats.

Valgiano Olive Oil
Year after year, this has been one of Ari’s favorite olive oils, an old standby that is sure to never disappoint.  This award-winning oil hails from a 16th century Tuscan estate located on Lucca’s north coast that’s been restored to its ancient glory.  Made predominantly of Frantoio olives, the oil is gorgeous: lush and golden-green with a gentle spiciness and a hint of artichoke.

Banyuls vinegar
Made from Banyuls, the famous fortified wine of the Pyrenees region, aged for 6 long years. Subtly sweet, softly spicy, a touch of almond, a whisper of dark chocolate, a hint of aged sherry. Some of the smoothest, feathery fine flavors we’ve ever tasted in a vinegar. Ari’s favorite.

Koeze’s Peanut Butter
The peanut butter that’s become a legend. We found this one almost right next door in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jeff Koeze sources incredible Virginia peanuts, brings them up north in 2,000 pound sacks, then blanches them to remove skins and keep them from going rancid (a common flaw in a lot of natural peanut butters). He roasts them in vintage coffee roasters, grinds them smooth, then adds a bit of salt. The result is not an air whipped, sugar filled concoction but a natural, intense, velvety, mouthwatering sensation. Get a couple jars, quick. Comes in Crunchy or Creamy.

Mark Snow’s Grade B Maple Syrup
The go-to syrup for Michigan breakfasts on those cold mornings.  Made in Mason, Michigan, we have been carrying Mark’s family’s maple syrup for years.  We like the Grade B for the depth of flavor and the wonderful mouthfeel.  Try some on your next stack of flapjacks.

Roi Pesto
We’ve carried Franco and Rossella Boeri’s traditional pesto for well over a decade. It’s still the best jarred pesto I’ve had. It makes an easy, quick dish, added to pasta and topped with a lot of cheese like Parmigiano-Reggiano or Pecorino Romano. It’s also excellent as a spread on bruschetta, or served with a fresh warm ball of mozzarella and a perfect little tomato. Thanks to the quality of the basil and olive oil, it is, in my opinion, often better than homemade and substantially less work. To top it off, it lasts for ages, once opened and covered with a bit of olive oil.

Thursday Cottage Lemon Curd
A longtime Deli favorite that folks swear by, we import this lemon curd directly from England. It is the real thing. Perfect on cakes, scones, graham crackers or by the spoonful. Take some home before we sell out.  

Martelli Pasta
This ridged maccheroni displays an Italian family’s commitment to making the best possible pasta for over 80 years. They insist on using only the hardest durum wheat flour, extrude their pasta through bronze dies (which makes the pasta grip the sauce) & take their time drying the pasta. It’s a long-standing favorite of Ari’s.  Enjoy a bowl of this traditionally made pasta from Tuscany!

March 2015 Specials

Ortiz Mackerel Tinned Fish of the Month:
Ortiz Mackerel

You may have seen these gorgeous, slender little fillets of heaven on the tinned fish shelf at the Deli. Packed upright in a beautiful red and gold labeled jar soaking in luscious extra virgin olive oil, they are hard to miss. One taste, and you’ll see that their texture, flavor and versatility are equally unforgettable.

$9.99/ea (reg. price $14.99)

Berbere Spice Fish of the Month:

Berbere could be called the “curry of Africa.” The fragrant and versatile Ethiopian blend is Epices de Cru’s best selling blend back in Montreal. This Berbere Blend may be thought of as an aromatic Ethiopian paprika. It is a blend of three chili peppers modified with a host of spices including ginger, black and green cardamom, fenugreek, allspice, adjwain, cassia buds and black pepper. Ideal for seasoning meats, Ethiopian Berbere is an excellent flavoring for chicken when mixed with crushed garlic and butter. Ethiopian Berbere Blend is also great in vegetable dishes, chickpeas and lentils. It simply makes everything taste better. Ingredients: Chili, ginger, cardamom, fenugreek, nutmeg, black pepper, coriander, cinnamon, allspice, adjwain, clove, cassia buds. Philippe told me that it’s “traditionally used for meat in Ethiopia, but we have yet to find a dish where it did not work: seafood, vegetarian, grains … even in brownies.” It’s the ultimate answer to the question: “What would be the one spice you’d bring with you on a deserted island?”

$12/ea (reg. price $15)

Farm Bread Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bread of the Month:
Farm Bread

Imagine sitting around a French farmhouse table waiting for dinner to be served — this would be the bread they’d bring out. A foot and a half across the top of its crisscrossed dome, looking a bit like a rough cut diamond, it has a thick crust and a soft white chewy interior with a flavor that tastes of toasted wheat. The 3 pound loaves are our favorite–cut in quarters and freeze what you don’t need right away —though to tell you the truth, some have been known to eat half a loaf in an afternoon. Baked to a nice dark crust, this is Frank’s favorite loaf. Amy loves the Farm Baguettes for appetizers.


Special Bakes:

  • Hamentaschen every day
  • Irish Brown Soda Bread 3/1-3/17
  • Pumpernickel Raisin 3/13 & 3/14
  • Barches 3/20 & 3/21
  • Almond Poundcake 3/26-3/29
  • Scallion Walnut 2/20 & 2/21
  • S’more Tarts 2/20, 2/21, 2/22
  • New Deli Crumb Cake 2/26-3/1
  • Chernushka Rye 3/27 & 3/28
Cream Cheese Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese of the Month:
Cream Cheese

AMERICAN CHEESE SOCIETY WINNER. Old fashioned cream cheese made much as it was in small dairies a hundred years ago. Crafted completely by hand from fresh local milk mixed with nothing more than a little rennet, salt, a generous dose of cream and the patience to let it drain naturally for a good six hours. In the spirit of traditional cheese making Zingerman’s Creamery Cream Cheese is made without vegetable gum; the curd is ladled completely by hand; and it contains no preservatives or artificial additives. Most importantly it has a delicious, fresh milky flavor and a wonderful, light, fluffy texture.

$10.99/lb ($12.99/lb regular price)

Congo - Muungano Cooperative Zingerman’s Coffee Co Roaster’s Pick:
Congo – Muungano Cooperative

The term “Muungano” means “togetherness” in Swahili, and it is a fitting term for this cooperative. The Muungano Coffee Cooperative includes individuals from more than a half dozen tribes in the eastern DRC working together to support their communities and make a better life for their families. Since its founding in 2009, the co-op has grown from 350 to over 4100 farmer-members.

Muungano is committed to improving the quality of the coffee they produce on all fronts: They recently invested in a new “wet mill” — the site where whole coffee cherries are stripped of their skin and sticky fruit pulp before being dried. They have plans to invest in two more wet mills in the next few years. Muungano’s head cupper, Ismael, oversees the quality of the green coffee brought to market, and there are plans to provide even more farmer-members with cupping training. All the coffee is processed and sorted meticulously, producing high quality and wonderfully uniform beans.

Region and Geography: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eastern Region near Lake Kivu
Cultivars: Bourbon
Altitude: 1750+ m
Preparation & Drying: Fully washed and sun-dried on raised beds
Cupping Characteristics: Rich sweetness, syrupy body, flavors of black tea and dried fruit.
Roast Profile: Medium
Brewing Notes: The pour-over yields an exceptionally well balanced and tasty cup — our personal favorite. Prepared as a siphon, the coffee’s rich, caramel-like sweetness really shines. Steeping methods (immersion brewer, press pot) gave a more savory, almost meaty, cup.

$18.99/12oz bag

Danny Boy - Irish cream mocha Zingerman’s Next Door, Drink of the Month: Danny Boy – Irish Cream Mocha

This drink is so good that we don’t even mind having the song stuck in our heads all
month! Zingerman’s mocha steamed with a little Irish Cream syrup and topped with whipped cream or a marshmallow.

Short $4.25 Tall $5.00

Boston Cream Pie Zingerman’s Bakehouse Cake of the Month: Boston Cream Pie
In spite of its name, Boston Cream pie is in fact a cake and happens to be the official
dessert of Massachusetts. It was created in the 1800s at the Parker House hotel in Boston, also famous for their Parker House rolls. Our Boston Cream pie is two layers of moist vanilla chiffon cake, filled with fresh vanilla bean pastry cream, covered in a thin layer of vanilla butter cream and rich dark chocolate ganache. Take one bite and you’ll know why it has a whole state so devoted to it.20% off slices and whole cakes
Emily's Easter Basket Favorites Emily’s Easter Basket Favorites

Vosges Bacon and Dark Chocolate Eggs
3 Egg Collection
Attention Mo’s Bacon Bar fans, Vosges has created an even more indulgent mixture of sweet, salty & savory just for Spring. This limited edition pack includes 3 eggs made up of a dark chocolate shell and wrapped around rich fudgy caramel peppered with smokey bacon bits.

Vosges White Rabbit/Hare Caramel Bonbons
5 Bunny Collection
These bonbons are cute as a button and taste like Springtime. Creamy white chocolate wrapped around soft buttery caramel blended with fragrant strawberries and brightened with lemon zest. Each box contains 5 bunnies.

Sweet Gem’s Peanut Butter Honey Bunnies
This seasonal delight, crafted by Nancy Biehn, is a classic flavor combination made to perfection. The cute bunny-shaped shell hides a golden center made of creamy organic peanut butter whipped with honey and encased in your choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate.

Chocolat Moderne’s Painted Chocolate Eggs
No hollow eggs here! Brimming with a variety of textures and flavors, these almost-too-beautiful-to-eat chocolate eggs are from Chocolat Moderne out of New York City. Each egg measures about 3 inches in length, weighing just under two ounces – the equivalent of 4 Chocolat Moderne bonbons. Owner Joan Coukos hand-paints each egg with vibrant Spring colors. These are limited in number and won’t last long!

Available in

  • Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel: Rich caramel sprinkled with sea salt from the Welsh coast enveloped by a silky milk chocolate shell.
  • Milk Chocolate Filled: Creamy milk chocolate ganache, with just the right amount of sweetness enveloped by a milk chocolate shell
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel: Sea salted caramel encased with a rich dark chocolate shell.
  • Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate wrapped around velvety dark chocolate ganache made from 72% Venezuelan cocoa.
  • Pistachio Filled: This blue speckled egg following a European Easter tradition of nut fillings. Joan takes coarse-ground roasted pistachios, folds them into buttery rich white chocolate and adds crisped rice for added pop.
  • Dark and Milk chocolate 3 Egg Collections also available.

Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory PB&J Eggs
This much anticipated Easter confection from our own candy company is crafted with old-fashioned, brown-butter peanut butter fudge topped with a dollop of seedless raspberry jam and shaped into an egg before receiving a dark chocolate egg shell. Sweet & tart!

Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory Almond Fudge Eggs
Our candy company starts with their rich browned butter chocolate fudge and adds a hefty amount of lush almond paste from California’s premiere almond producer, Mandelin, for a big nutty flavor. A bath in dark chocolate and a topping of aromatic toasted almonds puts it over the top!

Easter Super Zzang!
One of Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory’s most popular treats and perfect for any occasion. 13 inches of Original Zzang! glory; peanuts, honey nougat, muscovado caramel, enrobed in dark chocolate!