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August 2014 – Mangia all’italiana

Malghese Cheese Malghese Cheese

The best of Lombardy rolled into a classic shape of the Piedmont. Taleggio lovers will appreciate the cheesemaker’s expert blending of ewe and cow’s milk that that gives this washed-rind gem its sweet flavor and creamy texture.

malghese 2

Castelrosso Cheese Castelrosso Cheese

The Rosso family has been making cheese since 1894 in the Piedmont in northern Italy. The milk from their prized red cows produces a cheese with a mild, milky flavor up front and a texture that is both flaky and buttery.

Pecorino Marzolino Pecorino Marzolino

Seasonal Tuscan cheeses like this should not be missed. Young, hand-formed, raw sheep’s milk rounds are rubbed with extra virgin olive oil and tomato pulp and aged for 40 days which gives it a light, crumbly texture and a mild, approachable flavor.

Speck alto adige Speck alto adige

The Country Ham of Italy. Made up in the mountains in the north of the country, this ham is smoked and cured. Perfect for just eating on its own or for adding a rich porkiness and a bit of smoke to any pasta dish.

Pio Tosini Prosciutto di Parma Pio Tosini Prosciutto di Parma

Making Prosciutto in Langhirano, Italy has been a family tradition for the Tosini’s since 1905. These hams have been aged well past the required minimum 400 days and are still inspected by the three family members that run the company before they are sold. Their production is small compared to many others in the industry. Pio Tosini’s prosciutto is incredibly balanced and has a sweetness that makes you want more. Ask for taste, and take home an ounce or two.


Roi Carte Noire Olive Oil Roi Carte Noire Olive Oil

Franco & Rosella are among only a few producers left that still use a traditional stone mill to crush their olives for this limited edition oil. After crushing, the olive paste is left to gently weep (it is not mechanically pressed) which produces an exceptionally flavorful oil.

10-year Balsamic Vinegar 10-year Balsamic Vinegar

Our 10-year aged balsamic vinegar is an all-time staff and guest favorite and for good reason. Remarkably intense with a rich, deep fruit and wood-barrel-aged flavor, it boasts a perfect balance between tart and sweet. Now that we’re in tomato season, pick up some fresh hand-made mozzarella and some heirloom ripe tomatoes and drizzle with this vinegar for the perfect seasonal treat.

Poggio Lamentano Olive Oil Poggio Lamentano Olive Oil

Made by world renowned artist Michael Zyw who also just happens to be a olive oil craftsman of the highest order. This stunning oil from the Tuscan coast is one of the latest additions to the Zingerman’s shelf. It has a classic Tuscan profile with peppery notes and big, green flavors.

Mieli Thun Honey Mieli Thun Honey

Andrea Paternoster’s grandfather started the business in 1921. 93 years later the family is still making and collecting some of the best monofloral honey in all of Italy. Ask for a taste and see why we agree.

Sapore del Piave (Veneto)

This 15-16 month aged cow’s milk cheese is made in Trevisio in the Veneto. Full flavored, with a rich, creamy nuttiness and lots of cheese proteins.


Toketti di Pane Carasau, Sardinian Flat Bread (Sardinia)

Toketti di Pane Carasau are modern-day, bite-size snacks made from the famous flatbread which dates back centuries to the Arabic invasion of Sardinia. Sardinia, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean with over 1100 miles of unspoiled coastline and a multitude of sheep, is a unique place filled with much history and age-old traditions. Shepherds who followed their flocks needed sturdy bread which would not go bad; thus the famous Pane Carasau was born. Flat and crunchy cracker-like bread, it is still handmade today in the very same tradition by women who have passed down the recipe from generation to generation. – See more here.

Genuine Fulvi® Pecorino Romano DOP (Lazio)

This tangy, hard cheese is made from 100% sheep’s milk harvested in the countryside of Rome and produced nearby in our plant. Aged 10 months to 1 year and coated in black wax as per tradition, Fulvi® is never as hard or dry as a Pecorino Romano made in Sardinia. The richness of the whole milk produces a cheese that is less salty, thus allowing you to enjoy the rich flavor of the cheese. In Italy we eat this cheese; we do not just grate it. It grates larger so that it does not disappear in food, rather it creates a hearty flavor while enabling you to use less cheese. We, as the producers, guarantee the very best in quality. See more here.

Nuvola di Pecora® (Sheep) (Romagna)

Translating to “sheep clouds,” Nuvola is a semisoft pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese aged 30 days from Romagna. Characterized by its square shape, bone-white interior and slightly white rind, it is mild and creamy and fills your mouth completely with a velvety sweetness tinged with just a bit of the sheep tang. It won gold at the 2010 World Cheese Championship.

Speck Alto Adige IGP Senfter

Speck Alto Adige is a cured ham, lightly smoked and aged for 22 weeks. Its appearance, fragrance and flavor make it instantly recognizable as authentic Speck manufactured with a traditional processing method, passed down through generations and protected by the European Union. While only 2 producers are approved for the states, there are ways that the product may indeed be better. Forever Cheese works with this producer to age the ham 6 months instead of the traditional 90 days. – See more here.

Fresh Mozzarella Made Daily with Cow’s Milk Curd
from the folks at Bel Gioioso

Fresh mozzarella is as much of a staple here as anything we sell and we’re making hundreds of pounds of it every week by hand at the Deli, Creamery, and Roadhouse. All of it starts the same way it has for years: with super fresh curd from Bel Gioioso (“Joy-Oh-So”) in Green Bay, WI. There are dozens of ways that we put mozzarella to work around here, and many dozens more you can do at home with a modicum of effort and a maximal measure of deliciousness. Fresh mozzarella opens the imagination, I think. It’s like this milky white canvas on which one can “paint” pretty much any good flavor: add harissa or fresh herbs; put it in pasta sauces or on pizza; pair it with pesto at the Deli on the #55 (Gemini Rocks the House) sandwich. The number of good things you can do with fresh mozzarella is probably as close to culinarily infinite as one could imagine. The simplest, especially this time of year is just to slice it up on a plate along with some heirloom tomatoes, a few leaves of basil and really good olive oil drizzled on top. Buy a bunch this month and indulge in your own Mozzarella Mania.

August 2014 Specials

Rizzoli Anchovies Tinned Fish of the Month:
Rizzoli Anchovies

Whether you get them packed in extra virgin olive oil or in a ‘salsa piccante’ (the recipe for which is known only by the first born of the family), these anchovies will enhance your culinary life in ways you’ve never imagined. Cook them down with butter and herbs to drizzle over pasta, or lay them across slices of freshly baked bread rubbed with raw garlic.


The City Goat Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese of the Month:
The City Goat

This chevre round is made using overnight setting of the milk and gentle hand ladling which gives this cheese an amazing, evolving texture, from light and airy when very fresh to firm and perfect for crumbling over salad when older. Fresh and crisp with a lemony tang.

$6.99/ea (reg $9.00)

Sicilian Sesame Semolina Round Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bread of the Month:
Sicilian Sesame Semolina Round

Golden color and great taste that comes from the semolina and durum wheat flours. The entire loaf is rolled in unhulled sesame seeds.

$4.50/loaf, reg. $6.25/loaf

Special Bakes:

  • Margaret’s Sweet Wheat 9/12 & 9/13
  • Honeycake 9/17-10/4
  • Challah Turbans 9/17-10/4
  • Moroccan Challah 9/17-10/4
  • Applesauce Cake 9/25-9/28
Affogato Zingerman’s Next Door, Drink of the Month: Affogato

Your choice of gelato doused in our amazing espresso from Zingerman’s Coffee Company.

$2.50 single, $4.99 double

Costa Rica Hacienda Miramonte Zingerman’s Coffee Co Roaster’s Pick:
Costa Rica Hacienda Miramonte

Hacienda Miramonte farm was started in 1917 by the matriarch of the Gurdian family, Lucila Duval de Morales. Generation after generation, the Gurdians have reaffirmed their commitment to growing quality coffee while serving as stewards of the environment and their local community. This 100% Catuai cultivar is one of the first micro-lots from their farm to ever come to the U.S. It won’t be around for long, but we hope you enjoy it while you can!

$16.99/12oz bag

Buttermilk Cake Zingerman’s Bakehouse Cake of the Month:
Buttermilk Cake

Soft buttery yellow cake filled with raspberry buttercream and covered in vanilla buttercream. The cake itself has an enticing aroma from the sweet Wisconsin butter and the Guernsey family dairy buttermilk. Always enjoy our cakes at room temperature.

20% off