Featured Foods

May 2015 – Deli Nuovo

Invierno, Sheep’s and Cow’s Milk Cheese Invierno, Sheep’s and Cow’s Milk Cheese

For over 20 years, David Major and his family have honed the craft of sheep’s milk cheese production at Vermont Shepherd Farm in Putney. In recent years, they have added Invierno, a raw cow and sheep mixed milk cheese, that allows them to produce great cheese in the winter months. This cave-aged, natural-rind offering is inspired by the cheesy luminary of Basque country: Ossau-iraty. Spring has arrived when you see this cheese on the counter.

Robiola Bosina, Sheep’s and Cow’s Milk Cheese Robiola Bosina, Sheep’s and Cow’s Milk Cheese

Italy’s Robiola cheese varies in shape, size and age depending on where it was produced. Robiola Bosina—a gently-pasteurized blend of cow and sheep milks—hails from the Piedmont region. The youthful profile of this little beauty will provide the perfect pairing with a glass of bubbly.

Shakerag Blue, Cow’s Milk Cheese Shakerag Blue, Cow’s Milk Cheese

Sequatchie Cove Farm has found their cheesemaking roots in the rolling hills outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Adding a raw milk blue cheese to their lineup was just a matter of time, but the outcome is more than we could have expected: this cheese is a 2015 Good Food Awards Winner! Local fig leaves soaked in Southern whiskey adorn a crumbly and earthy interior. Go Blue!

Levoni Mortadella Levoni Mortadella

This is the real deal. Made in Lombardy from Italian hogs, its delicate porky flavor is punctuated by fresh peppercorns and DOP pistachios from Sicily. Slice it thinly for amazing antipasti or a bit thicker for a supreme sandwich.

Smoking Goose Capocollo di Dorman Smoking Goose Capocollo di Dorman

Founded in 2011 by Chris Eley in Indianapolis, Smoking Goose has dedicated itself to producing traditionally-made cured meats while trying to ensure the shortest path from farm to table. We’re proud to introduce the Capocollo di Dorman—a coarse, spicy capicola cured in a natural casing. It’s absolutely delicious any way you want to enjoy it: stacked up in a sub, chopped into a salad, braised with greens, or (our favorite) straight into your mouth.

Weka Olive Oil Weka Olive Oil

In 2007, 1400 trees were planted in the Moutere Hills outside Motueka, New Zealand. Today the fruits of that labor are evident in the tasting of this Leccino and Frantoio olive oil blend. Strong grassy flavors give way to a touch of pepper and fruit in this balanced and great tasting oil. Yummy on its own over warm bread or delightful in a bright vinaigrette, Weka is a quite nice oil from the Kiwis.

Castelas Fruite Noir Olive Oil Castelas Fruite Noir Olive Oil

Pressing a lightly fermented Fruite Noir olive oil is an age-old Provençal tradition that France’s Castelas continues to uphold. These organically-grown olives are picked when fully ripe and left to age four to five days before pressing, which creates a butter, mushroomy and velvety tasting experience. Great as a salad dressing or perfect for adding richness to a plate of food without being overbearing.

Grand Reserve 8 Year Vinegar of Banyuls Grand Reserve 8 Year Vinegar of Banyuls

Only 2000 bottles were produced last year making this vinegar from the Banyuls wine of Banyuls-sur-Mer in Southern France a rare delight. After making the regular Banyuls vinegar, the vinegar master tastes the barrels for the most flavorful vinegar, and then he choose those to be re-blended and aged for another eight years. The result is a very smooth and flavorful vinegar with great notes of caramel, honey and black pepper.

Martin Pouret Champagne Vinegar Martin Pouret Champagne Vinegar

The Martin family has been making vinegar for over 200 years. This champagne vinegar is the real deal, made from wine from the Champagne wine making region then aged in oak for 12 months. Savory and bright, great for cooking or a light salad dressing.

Mieli Thun Italian Honeys Mieli Thun Italian Honeys

Andrea Paternoster and his team of wild apiculturists scour the Italian countryside for the finest single-source honeys they can find. For nearly 30 years, Mieli Thun has brought a wide variety of Italian honeys to a global stage. From the bitter caramel of the dark Fir Honeydew to the subtle floral notes of the translucent Acacia, Mieli Thun’s offerings will tempt your eyes as well as your tongue. Ranging from thin and sweet to dense and savory, these honeys can be used in recipes, tea or enjoyed by the spoonful.

Spring Oil Change Sale Spring Oil Change Sale

Our annual olive oil sale gives you a chance to stock up on your favorites and get great deals on some that you may not have discovered yet. Select oils of the 2013 harvests from Italy, Spain, France, and California are on sale: buy 1 bottle at 10% off, 2 bottles at 20% off and 3 or more bottles at 30% off. Look for the 1-2-3 sticker and stock up!

May 2015 Specials

Ortiz Sardines Jar Tinned Fish of the Month:
Ortiz Sardines Jar

We’re putting these exquisite Spanish sardines back on sale. These big and meaty pilchards are cleaned, cooked and packed by hand. Preserved with olive oil in a beautiful glass jar, they are packed upright in the traditional old-world style. Their mellow, briny-sweet flavor will actually improve over the years, if you can wait that long!

Jar was $14.99 now $9.99, tin was $7.99 now $5.27

Meski Olives with Harissa Olive of the Month:
Meski Olives with Harissa

The best of two Tunisian staples combined. Savory and pleasingly bitter olives with a floral and subtly spicy brine that enrobes each olive.

$8/half or $16/lb

Incredible Green Cardamom from the Cardamom Hills of India! Spice of the Month:
Incredible Green Cardamom from the Cardamom Hills of India!

“The Vanilla of Indian Cooking Comes to Kerrytown!”

Whereas the majority of the world’s cardamom now comes from Guatemala, the original and by far most aromatic offerings still come from the Cardamom Hills in southern India. The de Vienne family has spent a decade carefully sourcing this special spice. It’s rare (only saffron and vanilla are harder to get hold of) and exceptional aromatic properties make THIS cardamom THE best I’ve ever experienced. It’s fresher, more perfumed and more sensual than any other around. Want to enhance your cooking in about eighteen seconds? Just open one of these pods, quickly grind the seeds and add to your next stew, sauce, chai, curry or roasted carrots. If you’re like me you’ll wonder why you’ve waited this long to use it!

$12/ea (reg. price $16/ea)

Jewish Rye Loaf Bread Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bread of the Month:
Jewish Rye Loaf Bread

This is the bread that’s been the base of well over a hundred thousand sandwiches at Zingerman’s Deli since our opening in 1992.

Traditional Jewish rye bread is an endangered species these days. In traveling and telephoning across the country trying to track down what’s left, we’ve found Zingerman’s Bakehouse Rye is just about the only one. It is rye like Amy’s grandparents ate on the lower East side in New York city: plenty of rye flour (believe it or not, most “rye bread” sold in America has hardly any rye flour), a natural sour starter (not the usual canned shortcut), and lots of time. It takes more than 5 hours to let the dough develop. A perfect pairing with hot corned beef or any kind of sandwiches.

In the April 2011 “Sandwich Issue” of Saveur magazine, Jane and Michael Stern—”two aficionados of traditional Jewish rye”—embark on a quest to “track down the country’s tastiest loaves.” “America’s very best rye?” they write, “No contest. We found it in Ann Arbor, Michigan…It comes from Zingerman’s Bakehouse, which makes loaves of rugged rye that are dense and springy, laced with the taste of hearth smoke.”


Special Bakes:

  • Peppered Bacon Farm 5/1 & 5/2
  • Chocolate Dipped Palmiers 5/8
  • Cranberry Pecan bread 5/8 & 5/9
  • Loomis bread 5/15 & 5/16
  • Potato Dill 5/22 & 5/23
  • Scallion Walnut 5/29 & 5/30
  • Blueberry Buckle 5/22-5/25
Liptauer Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese of the Month:
Liptauer – A Hungarian Treat!

Milk: Cow
Rennet: Animal
Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Garlic, Capers, Hot & Sweet Farmstead Paprika, Caraway, Anchovies

This delectable Hungarian cheese spread may have a funny name (pronounced “lip-tower”) but it is seriously delicious! Liptauer combines the Creamery’s fresh cream cheese with garlic, capers, anchovies and sweet and hot paprika from Hodi, which results in a treat you simply have to taste for yourself.

Splendid on Jewish Rye, delightful on bagels, ideal as a veggie dip and great slathered on apples, Liptauer should be a welcome guest to your table.

$7/oz ($8.00/ea regular price)

Kenya Othaya Cooperative Zingerman’s Coffee Co Roaster’s Pick:
Kenya Othaya Cooperative

Roast Profile: Medium
Cupping Characteristics: Silky body, bursting with flavors of black currant, raisin, and white grape.

We are really excited to share this coffee from Kenya’s Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society. The co-op’s farmer-members are based in the highlands of central Kenya, about 75 miles north of the capital, Nairobi. Most members grow relatively small plots of coffee — a half acre on average — and shade their crops with bananas, grevillea and macadamia trees.

The lot we chose was processed at the Gichichi Wet Mill located in the village of Gichichi. Water for the mill comes from the Chinga River, which originates in the Aberdare Mountain Range. We think this lot embodies some of the best characteristics Kenyan coffees have to offer: complexity, crispness, rich sweetness, and a black currant fruit note that is a hallmark of the region.

$18.99/12oz bag

Malt Next Door Drink of the Month: Malt

Zingerman’s Creamery Gelato, natural Calder Dairy milk and malt. Topped with real whipped cream. Available in chocolate or vanilla. Or try the staff favorite: half chocolate & half vanilla.


Hunka Burnin' Love Chocolate Cake Zingerman’s Bakehouse Cake of the Month:
Hunka Burnin’ Love Chocolate Cake 20% off 

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.

Anyone within a hundred-mile radius of Ann Arbor knows about this cake. It’s perpetually near the top of our pastry popularity list because of the one thing it does right in multiples: chocolate. This cake is chocolate from top to bottom, all around and in between. There’s not a spot of light on it, it’s black brown everywhere: dense buttermilk chocolate cake layered inside and covered in luscious chocolate buttercream frosting.

The frosting is the showpiece. Traditional Swiss style buttercream: it’s made by whipping fresh eggs and sugar into a meringue then mixing in real Wisconsin butter and Madagascar vanilla. Our cakes are also marked by what they don’t contain: no artificial anything, no mixes, no shortening. These are the ingredients your grandmother would use when she baked.