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July 2015 – American Foods

Dancing Fern, Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese Dancing Fern, Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese

Nathan and Padgett Arnold have been busy making exceptional cheeses at Sequatchie Cove Creamery outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee since 2010. Eating this small wheel of organic, raw cow’s milk cheese reminds us of what really good Reblochon should be: buttery, barnyardy and bloomin’ beautiful! Perfect on a baguette or spooned over fresh fruit.

Landaff, Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese Landaff, Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese

Welsh farmers, looking for faster maturing cheeses, developed wheels they themselves could enjoy in 3-4 months instead of the normal 12 months time that traditional cheddars take to age. Doug and Debbie Erb have taken their inspiration from the time of King George III and have firmly planted their stake and their cheeses in Landaff, New Hampshire.

Maple Smoked Cheddar, Pasteurized Cow’s Milk Cheese Maple Smoked Cheddar, Pasteurized Cow’s Milk Cheese

Need the perfect naturally smoked cheese for your burger or cubed into your favorite potato salad recipe? Maple Smoked Cheddar from Vermont’s Grafton Village is the one. Cold-smoked over maple wood, these batches are selected for us and for you.

Nancy Newsom Long Legged Country Ham Nancy Newsom Long Legged Country Ham

We didn’t think Nancy Newsom’s Kentucky country hams hams could get any better: we were wrong. The Highland Long Leg hams come from pasture-raised heritage-breed hogs. The hoof is left on, like Spanish jamón, and only salt and brown sugar are used in the cure. The legs are generously smoked, then aged with the seasons for 18 months in Nancy’s one-of-a-kind ham house that is open to the weather. Depending on mother nature to cure your hams is more work and more unpredictable, but the complexity of flavor and texture that results is incomparable. Carved thinly, it’s a superb Southern snack. But for a real treat, fry up a thick slice and make some red eye gravy with the drippings. Only 45 of these precious Long Legs were released for sale, so when they’re gone, they’re gone for the season.

La Quercia Coppa La Quercia Coppa

Coppa, a woefully underappreciated porcine delight, comes from the deeply flavorful and marbled top of the shoulder. Iowa’s pork superstars at La Quercia complement this wondrous piece of pig with a simple cure of sea salt, smoky Pimenton de la Vera and cocoa. After 3-6 months of careful aging, the result is nothing short of spectacular. Cut tissue-paper thin, it may just well replace prosciutto on your favorite antipasto platter. Sliced a bit thicker, it’s incredible on a rustic baguette with some olive oil. And if you want to go deep, cube it up, render and braise it with fennel root for a fabulous start to a soup.

Katz Rock Hill Ranch Organic Olive Oil Katz Rock Hill Ranch Organic Olive Oil

With bold aromas of freshly cut grass and artichoke, Katz’s Rock Hill Ranch Organic olive oil from California’s Suisun Valley is a harmony of pleasant green, herbaceous flavors and almonds with a lingering sweet finish. It ends with a pleasant peppery punch that announces its freshness. Dress a salad or pair with crusty bread and good sea salt for dipping to let this new harvest oil shine. Intrinsically delicious when paired with any of the Katz Vinegars!

Katz Vinegars Katz Vinegars

Albert Katz is passionate about food, and his desire to create an agrodolce vinegar proved to be very fruitful. Check out his line of very approachable and beautiful vinegars that are all traditionally made using the Orleans method in Napa Valley, California. Varieties include AgroDolce, Honey, Sauvignon Blanc, Trio Red Wine and Zinfandel.

American Mustards American Mustards

Two of our favorite mustards are made right here in Michigan. Brownwood Farms Famous Kream Mustard from Traverse City and American Spoon Whole Seed Mustard from Petoskey are as different as two mustards can be. Famous Kream is sweet with a little heat and super creamy, and American Spoon’s is crunchy, bright and super savory. You can’t go wrong with either and both deserve to be in your pantry.

Inna Shrubs Drinking Vinegar Inna Shrubs Drinking Vinegar

There must be magic in California’s Bay Area where Dafna Kory has been preserving fruit at Inna Jam for years. Lately her team has turned to savoring the seasons by adding shrubs—an ancient fruit-vinegar-sugar syrup—to their line-up. Perfect added to soda water and ice, or get creative and mix a cocktail. These are so tasty you will be tempted to drink right from the bottle.

Aww Snap! Pickled Snap Peas Aww Snap! Pickled Snap Peas

Fresh scallions, ginger and szechuan peppercorns give these peas an extra snap. Made with snap peas from both Tantré Farm and Goetz Family Farm. After just a few days in the barrel, they pack a probiotic punch!

July 2015 Specials

Cases of Ortiz Bonito Del Norte Tinned Fish of the Month:
Cases of Ortiz Bonito Del Norte

Everyone’s favorite tuna is back, and it’s bigger than ever! Fresh, meaty and delicious, this line-caught classic from The Ortiz Family in Spain is on sale in 12-tin cases. Stop by for a taste and see why everyone will be stocking up on what’s sure to become the only tinned tuna you’ll ever eat again!

$48.00 (reg. price $72.00)

Cajun Spices Spice of the Month:
Cajun Spices

Check out a recipe using Cajun Spices here.

The real flavor of the Bayou in a can. This blend was developed after a family road trip to Louisiana almost 20 years ago. The de Viennes wanted to investigate the culinary affinity between Quebec and Louisiana, the former cosmopolitan centers of colonial New France. They were delighted to find that New Orleans cuisine indeed delivered a singular combination of old French cooking, African flavors and American ingredients. This blend emerged, after years of testing, from the family’s desire to capture the excitement they felt on first experiencing the great cultural crossroads that is Louisiana.

Cajun blend is an authentic passe-partout, or good for everything. It’s delicious on meats, seafood and poultry, lentil soups, meatloaf and even in pasta sauce. There are very few dishes that are not enhanced by a hint of Cajun Spices. Épices de Cru start with their Spanish Special Selection Paprika—one of the highest rated paprikas on the market (rated 220 on the ASTA scale, which typically peaks at 180) for a luxurious, slightly smoky pepper base that is not too hot. This blend is a mainstay Épices de Cru’s daily staff lunches as the spice base for their barbecue sauce (which ends up in everything from meatloaf to pulled pork), as well as the base for their Staff BBQ blend.

Flavor Profile: All Purpose (bitter/sweet/hot/aromatic)

Notes on use: Works everywhere. Try sprinkling on grilled ears of corn or barbecued shrimp, spice up a summer veggie salad or mix with sugar and toast with pecans.

Shelf Life: 4 years or more

$11.25/tin (reg. price $15)

Rustic Italian Round Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bread of the Month:
Better Than San Francisco Sourdough Bread

Good enough to ship back to California. Crisp, crackly crust, moist honeycombed interior and the trademark sour tang that will tickle your tongue.


Special Bakes:

  • Cranberry Pecan 7/3 & 7/4
  • Blueberry Buckle 7/2-7/5
  • Somodi Kálac 7/10-7/12
  • Cranberry Pecan 7/17 & 7/18
  • Green Olive Paesano 7/24 & 7/25
  • Loomis Bread 7/31 & 8/1
City Goat Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese of the Month:
City Goat

We make these soft, creamy, fresh goat cheese rounds with the best milk we can
source from small Michigan goat farmers. Using low-temperature pasteurization allows us to preserve as much flavor as possible in the milk, a flavor which we intensify by letting this freshly pasteurized milk set overnight, maximizing its intensity. Hand ladling gives this cheese an amazing, evolving texture, from light and airy when very fresh to firm and perfect for crumbling when more aged. The cheese features a very bright, clean and slightly citrusy taste that pops in a variety of presentations.

This amazingly simple but versatile cheese is nearly limitless in its uses. For an easy appetizer, try rolling the sides in freshly chopped rosemary. It is also very good with roasted red pepper and pesto, or for a Mediterranean experience, try it with honey and toasted almonds.

$6.99/ea, (reg. price $9/ea)

Cold Brewed Coffee Zingerman’s Coffee Co Roaster’s Pick:
Cold Brewed Coffee

The velvet hammer of the caffeine universe is slow but fast, smooth but potent, suave but savage – you’ve been warned. Brewed over 24 hours and made exclusively for Zingerman’s Next Door.


Jo's Ginger Lime Juice Next Door Drink of the Month: Jo’s Ginger Lime Juice

Housemade ginger syrup and fresh-squeezed lime. Slightly sweet and absolutely delicious.


New York Cheesecake Zingerman’s Bakehouse Cake of the Month:
New York Cheesecake – 20% off 

The Bakehouse’s cheesecakes are special because they are made with fresh cream cheese from their neighbor Zingerman’s Creamery. This month, enjoy our New York style cheesecake with real vanilla bean and a butter pastry crust.

Summer Sale through July 31st Summer Sale through July 31st

  • American Spoon Red Haven Peach $7/ea (reg. price $9.99)
  • American Spoon Early Glow Strawberry Preserves $9/ea (reg. price $9.99)
  • American Spoon Cherry Berry Spoon Fruit $7/ea (reg. price $9.99)
  • Sun-Dried Sicilian Tomatoes $11/ea (reg. price $19.99)
  • Brownwood Farms Famous Kream Mustard $5/ea (reg. price $8.99)
  • Coop’s Hot Fudge $8/ea (reg. price $15)
  • Agrodolce Vinegar $15/ea (reg. price $25)
  • Alziari Olive Oil $40/1 liter tin (reg. price $50)
  • Denoix Violet Mustard $8/ea (reg. price $12.99)
  • Villa Reale Wild Artichokes $15/ea (reg. price $15.99)
  • Il Mongetto Mezzanote Tomato Sauce $7.50/ea (reg. price $10.99) (ask about our case discount)
  • Il Mongetto Tomato Sauce $7.50/ea (reg. price $10.99) (ask about our case discount)
  • Zingerman’s Peranzana Olive Oil $19/ea (reg. price $29.99)
  • La Spineta Olive Oil $15/ea (reg. price $24.99)
  • Roi Olive Oil $15/500ml bottle (reg. price $24.99)
  • Roi Pesto $7/ea (reg. price $9.99)
  • Hey Boo Coconut Jam $10/ea (reg. price $16)
  • Koeze Cream Nut Peanut Butter 2 for $10
  • Koeze Sweet Ella’s Peanut Butter 2 for $12
  • Rustichella Bucatini Pasta $5.50/ea (reg. price $7.99) (ask about our case discount)
  • Rustichella Fettuccine Pasta $5.50/ea (reg. price $7.99) (ask about our case discount)
  • Rustichella Spaghetti $5.50/ea (reg. price $7.99) (ask about our case discount)
  • Ortiz Bonito Tuna $5/ea (reg. price $5.99)
  • Ortiz Bonito Tuna $48/12 pack (reg. price $72)
  • Raye’s Mustard $4/ea (reg. price $7.99)
  • Mahjoub Artichoke Cream $10/ea (reg. price $14.99)
  • Mahjoub Couscous $7/ea (reg. price $9.99)
  • Da Morgada Mackerel $4/ea (reg. price $7.99)
  • Zingerman’s Portugueses Sardines $4/ea (reg. price $7.99)
  • Da Morgada Piri Piri Mackerel $4/ea (reg. price $7.99)
  • Zingerman’s Salted Peanuts $4.50/ea (reg. price $6.99)
  • Zingerman’s Butter Toasted Peanuts $4.50/ea (reg. price $6.99)