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October 2014 – Vive la France

Couronne de Touraine Cheese Couronne de Touraine Cheese

Six ounces of ash-rinded goat’s milk bliss sums up this unique selection. Rodolphe Le Meunier is aging French cheeses at a level we have not seen since the efforts of Hervé Mons. Rodolphe was raised in the Loire Valley and his goat’s milk cheeses are some of his best aging efforts. The area around Touraine is known for beautiful white wines, stunning chateaus and delicate soft goat’s milk cheese like this “little ring.”

Camembert Camembert

When apples are falling from our orchard’s trees I turn my cheese sights to Normandy’s best — Camembert.
Selected exclusively for us by reputed cheese affineur, Hervé Mons.

Extra Aged Comté Cheese Extra Aged Comté Cheese

October means Comté at the Deli. With great anticipation we release our wheels of extra aged, hand selected mountain cheese. This season we were able to get ahold of four wheels — 300lbs! Our selections, aged underground at the famous Fort St. Antoine in the upper Jura region are some of the best examples of Comte you can taste.

Rosette de Lyon Rosette de Lyon

This country-style salami that hails traditionally from Lyon, but is being made in California. It’s a staple of picnics and charcuterie plates. Spiced with red wine, garlic, salt and pepper this salami is a favorite of many. Try it sliced thin for a perfect bite size piece.

Fabrique Délices Fabrique Délices

Since 1985, Fabrique Délices has been making amazing french-style sausages.  From the classic Toulouse Sausage to the Lamb Merguez, you can’t go wrong.  Find them in the frozen section and take yourself to Paris for a night.

Maussane Green Olive Oil Maussane Green Olive Oil

A new addition from our most popular French oil producer.  This oil leads with the buttery taste that we all love about Maussane and delivers a touch of pepper at the end and you have the best of both worlds. Soon to be a staff and guest favorite.

Castelines Olive Oil Castelines Olive Oil

From Catherine and Jean-Benoit Hugues, this oil is made from classic Provencal olive varietals grown in the shadow of the magnificent castle of Les Baux. It has all the characteristic silkiness of an olive oil of the region with a little hint of green and pepper in the end to liven things up.

Banyuls Vinegar Banyuls Vinegar

Made from Banyuls, the fortified wine of the Languedoc Roussillon region of SW France, this fantastic aged vinegar is smooth and subtly sweet.  Similar in flavor to a fine aged sherry, its nuttiness lends itself to making exceptional vinaigrettes when paired with a nut oil, a touch of mustard and some sea salt.

Denoix Mustards Denoix Mustards

We’re one of the only places in the country where you’ll find these fantastic mustards from the Denoix family, famous for having distilled spirits and aperitifs in the Perigord region of France for over 2 centuries.  Well crafted and full flavored, these gems are everyone’s favorite.

October 2014 Specials

Les Mouette d Arvor Vintage Sardines Tinned Fish of the Month:
Les Mouettes d’Arvor Vintage Sardines

Much like certain wines, well tinned sardines only get better with age. These beautiful French pilchards are cooked and then preserved in extra virgin olive oil. Choose between several different vintages, all of which are rich, meaty and delicious in their own special way. Toasted bread topped with butter or olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt is all that you’ll need!

$9.99/ea (reg. $14.99)

Liptauer Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese of the Month:

In our never ending effort to bring back great flavors of days of yore, we’re excited to offer up this taste of Hungarian tradition. To make Liptauer (pronounced “Lip-tower”) we start with a base of our Farm Cheese, spice it up with fresh garlic, Hungarian paprika, capers, toasted caraway and just a touch of anchovy. It’s moderately spicy and exceptionally complex, with a big burst of flavor in every bite!

$12.99/lb (reg. $18/lb)

Farm Bread Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bread of the Month:
Farm Bread

Imagine sitting around a French farmhouse table waiting for dinner to be served. This is the bread they would bring out. It has a thick crust and soft white chewy interior with a flavor that tastes of toasted wheat.

$4.50/loaf, reg. $6.25/loaf

Special Bakes:

  • Green Olive Paesano 10/10-10/11
  • Somodi Kalacs (Hungarian Cinnamon Swirl Bread) 10/17-10/19
  • New Deli Crumb Cake (with pistachios and sweet Indian spices) 10/23-10/26
  • Loomis Bread (with Creamery Cheshire Cheese and Cornman Farms Roasted Red Peppers) 10/24-10/25
  • Barches (“barkess” Hungarian egg bread with paprika) 10/31-11/1
Rosemary Baby Zingerman’s Next Door, Drink of the Month: Rosemary Baby

An herbaceous blend of flowers from the ancient tea trees of Yunnan and fresh rosemary.


Blossom Peaberry Zingerman’s Coffee Co Roaster’s Pick:
Blossom Peaberry

From Daterra Farm in Mins Gerais, Brazil, this is the first crop of Blossom Peaberry they have produced in their 20-year history. The Blossom is a single varietal coffee that originally earned its name for its amazing lily-like fragrance. Daterra produced only 586 pounds of this very special bean and Zingerman’s Coffee Company purchased the entire lot so you have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy this rare brew only here in Ann Arbor.

$18.99/12oz bag

Dobos Torta Zingerman’s Bakehouse Cake of the Month:
Dobos Torta

Pronounced [doh-bosh], this traditional Hungarian coffeehouse torte was created in 1887 by well known chef and confectioner József C. Dobos (1847–1924). It’s five thin layers of vanilla sponge cake and dark chocolate butter cream, all topped with pieces of crispy dark caramel. Taste one of Hungary’s most famous tortas!

20% off whole cakes and slices