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September 2014 – Fiesta De Espana!

Sarro de Cabra Cheese Sarro de Cabra Cheese

Fresh Catalan goat’s milk is transformed into simple curds, ladled into cheesecloth lined baskets then hung to dry. The distinct look and clean, citrus flavors are perfect for a summer evening.

Sierra Sudado Cheese Sierra Sudado Cheese

The essence of Extremadura cheese making is displayed beautifully in this raw goat’s milk torta. Over 60 days, each wheel is warmed and cooled then washed, which creates a rind that is pungent and protects the developing flavors that are unique to the southern plains.

Pastura Cheese Pastura Cheese

Rich, creamy and dreamy all describe the flavors of this sheep’s milk cheese. The name “pastura” tells you how this offering from Finca Pascualete conveys the diet of grasses that nourish the herd on their estate in Extremadura.

5J Jamon Iberico Bellota Ham Jamon Iberico Bellota Ham

We have tasted lots of Iberico ham and this one from Jabugo is the best of the best. The hogs are fed acorns over two seasons, and the hams are aged for about three years.  All this eating of acorns, and aging of hams give it a texture and taste. Ask for a taste and be warned that you will fall in love. Buy it by the ounce and enjoy it slowly.

Spanish Style Chorizo Spanish Style Chorizo

We have two new additions to the our meat counter. The first is Chorizon de Cantimpalo. Perfect for slicing and eating on sandwiches. The Chistorra are long skinny garlicky chorizo perfect for egg dishes or a casserole.  You can’t go wrong with either.

O-Med Picual Olive Oil O-Med Picual Olive Oil

A brother and sister team have left their current career paths and jumped feet first into their family’s olive groves. The result is a really high quality olive oil made with the picual olive that is prolific in the Jaén region of Spain. With a nose of fresh bitter salad greens, a touch of bitterness, a bit grassy, and a nice peppery finish on the palate, its perfect to drizzle over tomatoes or add really good flavor to cooked vegetables. Ask for a taste!

Castillo de Canena: Royal Olive oil Castillo de Canena: Royal Olive Oil

Castillo has brought back the Royal olive from near extinction. traditionally from Jaen, Andalucia (Spain) the royal olive, when harvested early, produces a tasty olive oil with notes of artichoke, green banana, and fresh cut grass. This is an amazing finishing oil for any dish.

Castell de Gardeny Vinegar Castell de Gardeny Vinegar

Agusia Badia founded Castell de Gardeny in Mollerussa Spain back in 1908. Over one hundred years later all the expertise in winemaking shows in these really tasty vinegars. Choose from the five different varieties that we carry, from the savory Cabernet to the sweet and tangy Merlot. You can’t go wrong.

Sánchez Romate Vinegar Sánchez Romate Vinegar

Sánchez Romate blends different ages of sherry vinegar (from three to fifty years old) to create a sweet, soft flavor. Add a few drops to creamy tomato soup. Drizzle a bit in a cold summer gazpacho. Drop a dash on a salad of ripe, sweet, summer tomatoes. It makes good food extraordinary.

Calasparra Rice DO Mitica White

Cooperatively produced in Murcia along the Mundo and Segura River valleys, Calasparra is a premium grade of Spanish rice. Granted DOP status in 1986, Calasparra needs 2-1/2 times as much water as standard Spanish rice, and it holds up very well so there is less danger of having soggy, overcooked rice. It is like Arborio to Italians. In the centuries-old tradition, fresh river waters are channeled through the rice fields near the town of Calasparra, and the cooler summer climate of the area results in a slower ripening grain which is harder and slower cooking. Bomba Rice: The Royalty of Spanish Rice Those who want to take their paella a step higher, from excellent to outstanding, should definitely try Bomba rice. Almost never seen outside of Spain, Bomba is considered by paella partisans to be the best of Spanish rices. We call it incredible. A low-yielding, hard-to-grow, centuries old variety. Bomba today accounts for only a tiny fraction of all the rice grown and cooked in Spain, where high altitude and fast flowing mountain rivers contribute to its quality. Every cloth bag is hand stitched and then numbered, denoting its official Denomination of Origin status in the European community. Bomba can take up three to four times the level of liquid you’d use for standard Spanish rice without losing the integrity of its individual grains. So the bottom line is that Bomba rice will be four times more flavorful when it’s finished than standard Spanish fare; food writer Paula Wolfert calls it, “the créme de la créme”.

Bomba Rice

Fraga has been making this goat cheese for about 6 years using Murciana goat’s milk. Aged around 5 months, it has a wonderful flavor. The cheese is still creamy and extremely flavorful with a sweet finish.

MitiCaña® de Oveja
A soft-ripened sheep’s milk log from Murcia much like the French Bucheron, Caña de Oveja is an original by Lorenzo. The first soft-ripened sheep log in Spain, the cheese is aged 21 days and is buttery and delicious. As it ages, the flavor intensifies. A must have!

Miticana de Oveja

Salchichón is the Spanish word for salami. This is the best Salchichón we have found in Spain, meaty with just the right amount of spices. Once you eat a piece, it will be hard to stop.

Spanish Cocktail Mix
This is the ultimate bar or party mix! This is what Michele used to eat all the time when she lived in Spain. It is composed of Largueta almonds, fava beans, chic peas, and GMO-free giant crunchy corn kernels. Finally, vegetables that we can actually call a “snack.”

OroCacao is a natural extension from OroLiquido®, the popular Marcona Almond Butter. Just the right amount of cocoa powder is mixed with the butter to create a decadent treat.

September 2014 Specials

Ortiz Mackerel Tinned Fish of the Month:
Ortiz Mackerel

You may have seen these gorgeous, slender little fillets of heaven on the tinned fish shelf at the Deli. Packed upright in a beautiful red and gold labeled jar and soaking in luscious extra virgin olive oil, they are hard to miss. One taste, and you’ll see that their texture, flavor and versatility is equally unforgettable.

$9.99/ea (reg. $14.99)

Bridgewater Log Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese of the Month:
Bridgewater Log

This month marks the 12th anniversary of our Bridgewater cheese, so we’re celebrating this event with the launch of the Bridgewater round’s sibling, the Bridgewater Log. This is technically the same cheese, but in a larger two-pound log. The log has less of a cheese to penicillium rind ratio, and it’s more convenient for buying as much or as little as you need. Slice it thick or thin to top crostini, salads or pasta.

The Bridgewater has come a long way since its rather inauspicious beginning and remains, to this day, the only cheese we’ve created purely by mistake. One morning at the original Creamery location in Manchester, MI, we walked into the dairy and discovered three bags of cream cheese curd that we’d missed from the day before. The curd had over-drained and was too dry for cream cheese, so we added some fresh-cracked pepper, formed it into rounds, and sprayed the surface with the same penicillium used for Brie cheese. Within about ten days, the cheese was covered with the fluffy, white penicillium mold and we had our first batch of Bridgewater.

The next challenge was, “Would anyone like it?” So, I went to the Deli to have the cheese buyer, Carlos Souffront, taste it and give his feedback. Unfortunately he was out of town, so back I went to the creamery. About two weeks later, my daughter asked me why the car smelled funny and that was when I discovered the now-aged Bridgewater in the trunk of my car. I again drove to the Deli and had Carlos taste the cheese (I probably should have mentioned they’d been sitting in my car for two weeks…). He really liked the flavor, and we started making Bridgewater that week. We also found a better place to age it.

The Bridgewater remains one of our most popular and versatile cheeses. When young, the paste is velvety and milky, with the earthiness of the fresh cracked Tellicherry pepper and the mushroom flavor of the penicillium rind. When it’s aged well, the cheese becomes more dense and the pepper flavor intensifies, creating a great accent to cooked pasta or served over a summer salad.

$9.99 (reg. $11.99)

Paesano bread Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bread of the Month:
Paesano bread

The traditional bread of the Puglia region of Italy. Pass it around the table for ripping and dipping in great olive oil, soup or pasta.

$4.50/loaf, reg. $6.25/loaf

Special Bakes:

  • Margaret’s Sweet Wheat 9/12 & 9/13
  • Honeycake 9/17-10/4
  • Challah Turbans 9/17-10/4
  • Moroccan Challah 9/17-10/4
  • Applesauce Cake 9/25-9/28
Spanish Drinking Chocolate Zingerman’s Next Door, Drink of the Month: Spanish Drinking Chocolate

The Decadent Extreme of Dark Chocolate Drinking
It’s hard to get our hands on this one, so when the opportunity presents itself we jump at it. This is one of the most luscious and rich chocolates ever sipped from a mug. In Spain, they drink this chocolate (instead of coffee!) morning, noon, and night. This is one hot chocolate adults will keep all to themselves!


Uganda Bugisu Zingerman’s Coffee Co Roaster’s Pick:
Uganda Bugisu

Gumutindo is a coffee producing co-op in the eastern region of Uganda. All of Gumutindo’s coffee is processed by its individual farmer members with the result that the farmers retain more of the value of each cherry they pick and process. The co-op provides cupping training for its farmers so they can recognize the different quality issues that arise when coffee is not harvested and processed well. This coffee has a naturally sweet flavor with notes of dark fruit and a hint of toastiness.

$16.99/12oz bag

24 Carrot Cake Zingerman’s Bakehouse Cake of the Month:
24 Carrot Cake

We peel and grate forty pounds of carrots to make one batch of this cake. Combine them with toasted walnuts and aromatic spices and you get a great cake that’s totally delicious on its own. Cover it with a generous amount of cream cheese frosting and it becomes irresistible.

20% off