November 22nd, 2011



For the last couple of months, I’ve been hoarding special sweets & treats underground like a duteous squirrel. (All credit for that simile of perfection is due to former Chocolate Lady Duff!) At any moment, while in the basement, trying to fit one more case on my chocolate shelves, I expect the Russian folk tune “Korobeiniki” to start playing; perhaps you know it by its more common name, “Music A” from Tetris. 😉 Hoarding is only half the fun, however. The other half – the more fun half – is sharing all that’s been hoarded.

Below you will find ten of my favorites this holiday season – but I cannot emphasize enough that this list is only a teensy percentage of everything we have to offer! Let the list whet your appetite and get those wheels in your head turning. Come on in to the Next Door to find these items, as well as others that have excited staff, instigating choral-like “oohs” and “ahhhs.” We’re eager and prepared to help you find something to delight everyone on your lists.

1. Chocolat Moderne’s Cocoa Casbah
The Deli staff has heard me murmuring about this cocoa line for a few months now and I am ecstatic to finally have it on the shelves. The entire suite features Valrhona chocolate, with cacao contents in excess of 70%, and with a bit of milk, you’ve got a silky smooth potion on your hands. For the Purists, look no further than Midnight Oasis. For the Explorers, we have Snake Charmer (my favorite! cocoa with cinnamon & anise; try it with a shot of ouzo for an “after hours” delight), as well as a flavor Joan formulated especially for Zingerman’s called Mayan Eyes (smokey chiles & warm spices with a spicy kick that will heat you up from head to toe!). Mayan Eyes will be in house very soon! Please email me (mmilleratzingermansdotcom  (mmilleratzingermansdotcom)  ) to be notified when it arrives.

2. Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory Zzang! Bars
The quintessential stocking stuffer for the candy bar muncher in your life. Charlie Frank takes us back 100 years with his made-to-order combination bars, featuring handmade caramels, nougats, and butter-toasted nuts produced from the best ingredients available. My favorite is the crunchy, salty, sweet Ca$hew Cow. Want to go big this holiday season? In addition to the individual bars and mini-Zzang! bags, we’ll have festively-packaged Giant Original Zzangs! 13 glorious inches of peanuts, peanut butter nougat, and caramel dipped in dark chocolate. A guaranteed smile generator.

3. Barbero Blowout! – Traditional Italian Nougat


This not-too-sweet treat comes to us from Asti, which sits in the Piedmont (hazelnuts, hazelnuts!) region of Northern Italy. Perfectly roasted nuts suspended in an ethereal, exquisitely crisp, egg white and honey pillow, packaged in graphically stunning metal tins. Forget visions of sugarplums, this is what dances in my head. We’re stocking large, white tins of traditional torrone, as well as miniature tins of individually wrapped pieces – in pink (traditional torrone) & green (chocolate covered torrone). Available this holiday season at “offer you can’t refuse” prices!

4. Taza Mexicano Collection (arriving very, very soon!)
In a pinch? This item makes a great “right-off-the-shelf” gift! Inside each box, you’ll find one of each of the stone-ground, direct trade Mexicanos (“hockey puck-esque” chocolate bars) we sell – cinnamon, vanilla, and guajillo chili. This chocolate’s minimal processing makes for a highly aromatic treat and fun texture full of crunchy sugar crystals. Eat ‘em as is or chop them up and melt into hot milk for a yummy cocoa.

5. Askinosie Chocolate’s Peppermint Bark


We have 25 pounds of this artisanal, “bean to (peppermint) bar(k),” handmade in Springfield, Missouri, ready to find a final resting place in someone’s tummy! We’re bagging it ourselves this year, to ensure even more people get to enjoy such a fantastic product. The slabs of single-origin dark chocolate, buttery white chocolate, and all-natural, crushed peppermint from Denver’s Hammond’s Candies* look like a fantasy winter landscape, begging to be nibbled at alongside a cup of soul-warming hot cocoa. *Double up on your peppermint kick with a Hammond’s Candy Cane!

6. Custom Truffle Boxes
The Next Door truffle case is happily bursting at its seams! Surprise a loved one with a unique box of truffles, bon bons, and caramels selected from our diverse offerings from near and far, from traditional to wild. You’ll find Next Door staff at the ready to help you craft the perfect box of treats (Psst! This is one of our favorite tasks!). Here’s the tip of the iceberg: Chocolate Covered Amarena Cherries from Chocolat Moderne; Costa Rican Peppercorn from Sweet Gem Confections; Lemon Basil from Chocolate in Chelsea; Mayan Caramels from Grocer’s Daughter. Now come in and see the rest!

7. Pralus Chocolate Covered Nuts


In Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 1, Ari writes about the problem with designing a business from the outside-in; I find that the same is often true for products where energy goes into the packaging before it goes into the actual product. That in mind, imagine my glee upon sighting cubes, sporting Pralus’ stunning signature stripes, filled with delicious chocolate covered nuts at the Summer Fancy Food Show. Perfectly crunchy nuts, dipped in chocolate & dusted with cocoa powder. This is candy for the eyes and the tummy!

8. Guido Gobino Gianduja Spread
Nutella fiend in your life? Look no further than this chocolate-hazelnut spread from Turin, Italy – a hotbed of Piedmont hazelnuts! The company, which grew out of a Bon Bon & Chocolate Production Laboratory established in the 1940s, hand-selects and roasts only the best of the best nuts, which make up a whopping 35% of the gianduja’s weight. Silky smooth on the tongue, creamy (yet not cloying) milk chocolate, and a long nutty finish.

9. Pralus Chocolate Pyramids


These stacks of chocolate from Francois Pralus in Roanne, France are a fantastic way to showcase the variety of flavors and aromas offered by the wide world of chocolate. Because each bar is a consistent 75% cacao, the collections illustrate how bean variety and origin, not just the percentage of cacao, play a huge role in our experience of chocolate. Taste your way from Ecuador (espresso! toast!) to Madagascar (red berries! jam!). The Mini Pyramids make perfect stocking stuffers, while the Organic Short Stacks are a veritable chocolate force to be reckoned with!

10. Chocolate Connoisseur Bundle
Shopping for the chocoholic on your list? Here’s a fun holiday bundle: buy any two chocolate bars and for $1, we’ll include a copy of Chloe Doutre-Roussel’s The Chocolate Connoisseur. Part memoir, part guide – this easy read is sure to charm the chocolate minded. Some of my suggested bar bundles:

  • Coffee Buzz! Patric Chocolate’s Mocha OMG & Cappuccino OMG bars;
  • Tex-Mex Dreams! Chocolat Moderne’s Chipotle Moderne & Lime Moderne bars;
  • Milk Madness! Michel Cluizel’s 45% Lait & Pralus’ Melissa bars.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay tuned for one more Chocolate News & Notes in 2011; I’ll be highlighting a few more treats including my personal favorites as well as some exciting imports!

Also, hurry in to the Deli to take advantage of the Bonajuto Sicilian Stone-Ground Chocolate (2 for $15.99 [reg. $9.99 ea.]) & Ravera Chocolate Torrone ($15.99 [reg. $17.99 ea]) deals while they’re still available!

Yours in Chocolate,

November 15th, 2011

‘Barely Legal’ Cheshire cheese available starting November 17th!

Zingerman’s Creamery Dutch-Belted cow’s milk comes from Andy Schneider’s Dairy Farm in Westphalia (northwest of Lansing). This dairy has a herd of Dutch-Belted cows which are extremely rare in the U.S. (there are slightly more than 200). What makes the Dutch Belted cow’s milk unique is its high butterfat and protein content, and the way in which the butterfat globules bond to one another. The bonds are small, creating a supremely dense, rich curd. Originating from the Alps, Dutch-Belted cows gained great popularity in Scandinavia until finally being introduced to the US.

Andy Schneider takes pains to produce a milk that is significantly better than the norm. The calves are provided their mother’s milk for ten months or until the mother kicks them off the teat, and the Creamery only gets the excess that the calves can’t drink. (This is the distinction of a dairy cow as opposed to meat cattle–the dairy cow produces more milk than the calf can take in). In the interest of economy, dairy farmers usually put the calves on formula and sell all the milk. Giving calves the milk that was intended for them creates an extremely healthy herd and allows for cows that the Schneiders milk well into their teens. Healthy cows equal healthy milk. Perfect for rich, complex cheeses that allow the natural flavor of this milk to come through.

November 2nd, 2011

November 1st, 2011
Thursday Dec. 8th, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Zingerman’s Events on Fourth
415 N. Fifth Ave in Kerrytown

Join Wisconsin Dairy expert Ed Janus, Zingerman’s founding partner Ari Weinzweig and the deli cheese enthusiasts as we learn, taste andtoast a special selection of Wisconsin’s handmade cheeses. Craft Midwest beer will be sampled alongside these great cheeses to highlightand enhance Wisconsin’s flavor traditions.

$45 at the door, save $5 rsvp by Dec. 6th, call 734-663-3400!

November 1st, 2011

Tuesday December 13th, from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm
Zingerman’s Events on Fourth
415 N. Fifth Ave in Kerrytown

It’s become a tradition each autumn for Ari to compile a list of his favorite foods, and this year we’re excited to be able to share them with you in our new event space on 4th. From South African vinegars, French sardines and Tanzanian chocolate to locally made caraway rye and cosmic cakes, it’s a full flavored collection of Ari’s favorite things to nosh on from 2011. We’ve sold out in years past, so we’ve got two dates planned this year: Tuesday November 29th and Tuesday December 13th, from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

$50/at door; Save $5/ if you RSVP by Nov. 27th. This tasting sells out early, book your seat now, call 734-663-3400!

November 1st, 2011
Tuesday November 29th and
Tuesday December 13th, from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm
Zingerman’s Events on Fourth
415 N. Fifth Ave in Kerrytown

It’s become a tradition each autumn for Ari to compile a list of his favorite foods, and this year we’re excited to be able to share them with you in our new event space on 4th. From South African vinegars, French sardines and Tanzanian chocolate to locally made caraway rye and cosmic cakes, it’s a full flavored collection of Ari’s favorite things to nosh on from 2011. We’ve sold out in years past, so we’ve got two dates planned this year: Tuesday November 29th and Tuesday December 13th, from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

$50/at door; Save $5/ if you RSVP by Nov. 27th. This tasting sells out early, book your seat now, call 734-663-3400!

November 1st, 2011
Harbison Cheese

Named after a local legend in Greensboro, Vt., Harbison is the latest cheese creation of the Kehler brothers at Jasper Hill Cellars. These perfect sized rounds of bark-wrapped cow’s milk have been slowly matured to perfection. Sumptuous, rich and scoop-able.

Vermont Shepherd Cheese

The Major and Ielpi families milk 250 sheep twice a day in Westminster West, Vermont. Their raw sheep’s milk is used to make the classic Vermont Shepherd cheese. Rustic, herbaceous and toothsome, we like the wheels that are made on a pasture called “Popcorn Hill”.

Rogue River Blue Cheese

Voted 2011 Best American Cheese! the perfect balance of floral aromas combined with spicy and rich flavors of fall.

This artisanal raw cow’s milk blue cheese hints of sweet woodsy pine, wild ripened berries, hazelnuts, morels and pears. It’s preserved by being wrapped in grape leaves harvested from Carpenter Hill Vineyards in the Rogue River Valley. The leaves have been macerated in Clear Creek’s Pear Brandy and tied with raffia. The grape leaves further develop the complexity of its flavor and help to keep its moist creamy texture.

T.R. Tracklements Smoked Salmon

T.R. Durham has been our smoked salmon supplier for a while now. Using traditional methods, small-scale production and the best salmon he can find, his smoked salmon is known around the country as some of the best. We think it IS the best. He has just recently added Hot Smoked Sable and Belly Lox to his line up for us. Ask for a taste, but be warned… it will be tough to go back to the pre-sliced vacuum-packed stuff

La Quercia Tamworth Bacon

Herb Eckhouse has done it again; this time with bacon. He chose a very little known, and hard to get breed called Tamworth. This bacon is lightly smoked after being dry-cured with just sea salt, black and white pepper, bay leaf, and rosemary. Herb recommends you cook it long and at a low temp, but we just recommend you eat a lot of it.

Long Pepper Bacon

Our friends in Mt. Petit Jean, Arkansas have been making this specially made bacon just for us. It’s the same recipe as their other beloved bacon, the Arkansas peppered bacon, but with a twist. They use the little known Long Pepper. Long Pepper, which was more popular than black pepper during the ancient roman times, is exotic in its flavor profile and makes for an amazing eating experience. Try some this Saturday morning.

Owens Creek Sicilian Blend Olive Oil

A robust yet balanced blend of Sicilian varietals of olives, with a hidden agenda- $4 from the sale of every bottle goes to cardiovascular research at U of M. It’s good for your heart, and gives back to the hearts of others.

Katz Rockhill Ranch Olive Oil

With bold aromas of fresh cut grass and artichoke, Katz’s Rockhill Ranch olive oil is a harmony of pleasant green, herbaceous flavors and almonds with a lingering sweet finish. It ends with a pleasant peppery punch that announces its freshness. We think you’ll agree.

Katz Viognier Honey Agrodolce Vinegar

Wildflower honey and late harvest viognier wine, expertly blended to highlight the deep, rich floral qualities of both. Hints of honeysuckle and vanilla, notes of peach and apricot and a balanced acidity make it seem as though the honey is dancing on top of the vinegar.

Katz Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc Vinegar

Sweet-tart and lip-smackingly savory, this vinegar benefited from leaving the grapes to age on their vines before being pressed. Albert’s done it again- his vinegars capture the bounty of flavors on the California coast. Drizzle some on goat cheese, with berries and ricotta, or maybe a pear, walnut and blue cheese salad…it’s enticingly versatile.

Zingerman’s Spiced Pecans

Sweet, salty, peppery and finally overwhelming. We slather our pecans with butter, Jamaican Allspice, cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and black pepper & then roast them til crispy. Bet you can’t just eat 30.

November 1st, 2011
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This November we’re thankful for the hard-working cheese-makers, bakers, chefs, salume makers, olive oil and vinegar producers; all food artisans who make the food we love. Their hard work and craftsmanship brings many people enjoyment in the form of full flavored and traditional foods.

Take the Tour de Food, Nov/Dec 2011 and get a FREE t-shirt!

A 24-hour trip around the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

Visit Zingerman’s Deli downtown; the Bakehouse, Creamery, and Coffee Company on Ann Arbor’s Southside; and the Roadhouse all in a 24-hour period. Get your passport signed at each stop and you’ll get a free t-shirt. The passport is on the back cover of our Nov/Dec 2011 newsletter or you can download it here! The Tour de Food with Kerrygold only lasts through December!

Download the Zingermans Tour de Food Passport
Download a map to Zingerman’s retail businesses

November 1st, 2011
Olive of the Month!
Hot and Spicy Olives

Mixed Spanish olives with house-made heat: marash pepper, garlic, jalapeños and scallions.

Zingerman’s Creamery Cheese of the Month!

In our never-ending effort to bring back great flavors of days of yore, we’re excited to offer up this taste of Hungarian tradition. To make Liptauer (pronounced “Lip-tower”) we start with the very fresh Farm Cheese from the Creamery, spice it up with fresh garlic, Hungarian paprika, capers, toasted caraway and just a touch of anchovy. It’s moderately spicy and exceptionally flavorful. A big burst of flavor in every bite!

$2 off per pound!

Bread Featured!
Cranberry Pecan bread

How do we pack so much flavor in 1¼ pounds? This

is a dense loaf packed with dried cranberries and toasty pecans. It’s a well known phenomenon in our store that customers grab a sample of this on their way out; they might get as far as their car door, but they always come back in to buy a loaf. It’s deliciously habit forming.


Special Bakes!

Peppered Bacon Farm bread baked on 11/4 & 11/5
Everything is better with bacon right? Check out apple wood smoked bacon and black
pepper in a crusty loaf of our signature farm bread. This is our most popular special bake.

Pumpernickel Raisin bread baked on 11/11 & 11/12
Chewy, traditional pumpernickel bread with juicy red flame raisins and a sprinkle of
sesame seeds. Great toasted with a schmear of Zingerman’s Creamery award winning
cream cheese.

Porter Rye bread baked on 11/18 & 11/19
A moist and slightly sweet loaf made from a bit of organic muscovado brown sugar, Bell’s
Porter from Kalamazoo, MI, a pinch of lard, and lots of flavor-packed rye flour.

Chernushka Rye bread baked on 11/25 & 11/26
Chewy traditional Jewish rye with peppery chernushka seeds. This one definitely has a

Sandwich of the Month!
Auchie Semos Too

Fun! Fun! Fun!
It’s got chicken!
It’s got spinach!
It’s got our great garlic hummus!
And with sliced old pickles on a grilled paesano roll, it’s got a crunch that’ll have you making up words to a
Beach Boys song!

$10.99/one size

Zingerman’s Next Door Specials!

Cake of the month
White Chocolate Chiffon Cake – 20% off!

Layers of fluffy yellow chiffon cake, filled with our own vanilla bean pastry cream and raspberry preserves, covered in vanilla butter cream and white chocolate shavings.

Pies A Plenty!
All-butter hand-made crust filled with the best ingredients we could find. Available in creamy Pilgrim Pumpkin, toasty Perky Pecan, sweet tart Cranberry Walnut Wonder, rich Chocolate Chess, Jumbleberry (packed with cranberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries) and classic Rustic Apple.

Zingerman’s Next Door,
Drink of the Month! Mindo Hot Cocoa

Fruity & Bold. Made in small batches and hand-pressed in Dexter Michigan by Mindo Chocolates.


Zingerman’s Coffee Company,
Roaster’s Pick!
2011 Holiday Blend

A light roast with BIG body from two of our exclusive coffees- Daterra Estate in Brazil and Setheruman Estate in India. This year’s blend immediately tastes of sweet hot cocoa with flavors of ripe dark plum, citrus rind and a mild savory spice.

$14.99/12oz bag