August 2011 – Mangia italiano!

Mountain Gorgonzola

Luscious & piquant, from Lombardy, Italy. The cow’s milk is benefited by grazing on the sundry vegetation of the Italian Alps. This beauty is ‘La Naturale’, meaning extra-aged, giving it a brilliant bite – a true reflection of terroir and skillful maturing.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Hail to the King of Cheese! This humble pillar of traditionally made cheese is almost too good to be true. It’s made at a dairy 2000 feet up in the hills outside Modena, Italy. The high altitude makes for plenty of diversity in the grasses, herbs and flowers growing in the cows’ pastures, enhancing the flavor of the cheese.

Deli to Go

We carefully choose every product that goes into our sandwiches and you should too. Let us help you stock your mini deli at home. We have a wide array of sandwich meats and cheeses that are sliced to order. Make your job easier in choosing what’s for lunch.

Rizzoli Anchovies

Soft, fleshy Mediterranean anchovies, fished in the springtime, artisanally prepared by marinating in wooden barrels. The Rizzoli family has been making these gold-tinned jewels since 1906. Try them on toasted bread with sweet peppers, tossed in pasta with the spicy oil, on top of grilled summer vegetables, or straight out of the tin.

Creminelli Salumi

Master salumi maker Cristiano has been working his magic out in Salt Lake City with some new products. He continues to use the best ingredients available and slow traditional curing methods, his salumi has continued to impress us. This month only try any product from them and we’ll take 15% off the top. We know you’ll love it and you’ll see why they have us falling in love all over again.

Prosciutto di Parma, Bone-in

“Our current batch of dry-cured Parma hams have been aged for almost 30 months (12 months is the standard) making for some really amazing, sweet and surprisingly mellow ham. We serve this prosciutto in the Italian tradition, hand-sliced right off of the bone in thin delectable slices. Try it wrapped around melon for a nice summer treat!

ROI Olive Oil

Franco and Rosella Boeri are 4th generation olive oil producers located in the town of Badalucco in the Liguria region of Italy. Mellow yet rich, their olive oil is buttery with a hint of soft pepper and wet grass. It’s perfect for pesto-making, drizzling on fish, and in vinaigrettes.

Maria Rosa Olive Oil

From ancient trees and many generations of a single family’s attentive hand harvesting, the personality of this fantastic Southern Italian olive oil speaks volumes. Big flavors abound in this year’s harvest- a staff favorite here, and bound to be a favorite in your kitchen.

Caricato Amphora “Di Affioramento” Olive Oil

Romantically called the “Flowering” Olive Oil, this thick emerald ‘olive juice’ is from stone-ground Ogliarola of Lecce and Leccino olives. Dripping from the stones after crushing, its vibrancy is both rustic and elegant at once. The Caricato family has been making olive oil in the southern part of Puglia since 1815.

6 year Balsamic

We think the bright, sparkly, almost sassy attitude comes from being the youngest in our line of aged balsamic vinegars from Vecchia. But a quick taste reveals its rich lineage. Remarkably balanced and nuanced for one so young, this a perfect everyday balsamic.

10 year Balsamic

“The key to great Balsamico is balance” is the guiding principal of Vecchia Dispensa’s family business in Modena, Italy. Their 10yr aged balsamic is a perfect example: complex, with rich dark flavors of oak, blackberry and dark fruit, thick and sweet. A long held staff and customer favorite.