May 2011 – Made in Michigan!

Durham’s Maple Syrup Cured
Smoked Salmon

Farm-raised salmon from the Bay of Fundy, cured just for us by our favorite fish smokers that just so happen to be right down the street! They use Snow’s Sugarbush Grade B maple syrup and a hint of Vietnamese Cinnamon for a soft sweetness, subtle spiciness, smooth smokiness and rich salmon flavor.

Michigan Farm Butter

A long time staple at the Deli! We get this salted, sweet cream butter delivered weekly from in Onsted, Michigan. It’s got a higher butterfat content than commodity butter and it’s cut to order for ultimate freshness and clean, pure flavor

Zingerman’s Creamery Lincoln Log
Cheese of the Month!

One of our favorite cheeses from the Zingerman’s Creamery! A tangy, hand-ladled goat’s milk cheese carefully ripened for two weeks in the style of a classic French Bucheron cheese. It’s a very versatile cheese with a mellow, never too goat-y flavor that pairs well with both savory and sweet things, and it’s great for parties!

United Meat and Deli Beef Hot Dogs

We’ve searched long and hard for the perfect dog, and we think our friend Sy Ginsberg of United Meat and Deli makes the best one we’ve ever tasted! Plump and juicy beef hot dogs in a natural casing that give the perfect snap when you bite into ‘em.

Zingerman’s Pastrami

Seriously good pastrami made just for us by the folks at United Meat and Deli in Detroit. Our pastrami perfectly balances great beef with a little smoky sweetness, and just enough spice. We prefer our navel cut pastrami for hot sandwiches and the lean brisket for eating cold.

Yellingbo Olive Oil

From Australia, this carefully blended oil has a fresh, almost intoxicating aroma of sun-ripened tomatoes and sweet apples. Rich, creamy, wonderfully fragrant and complex, with a subtle, lingering peppery finish.

Moutere Grove Frantoio Olive Oil

Grassy and herbal with hints of tropical fruit on the nose, this delicious (and intense!) olive oil is organically grown and produced by Ed and Liz Scott on their farm in Nelson, New Zealand.

American Spoon Sour Cherry Preserves

We absolutely love these sour cherry preserves from Petoskey Michigan, made with whole Montmorency cherries and just a touch of sweetness. They’re just as delicious on the almond pound cake as they are paired with red meat or duck.

Orduna Txakoli vinegar

This white wine vinegar is made from the Northern Spain springtime favorite Txakoli (“cho-col-li”) wine. Light and lovely with a lingering taste- great for a simple salad, deglazing after a sauté, and exceptional with some Basque anchovies and a touch of Arbequina olive oil.