February Specials!

Olive of the Month!
Nyons Dry-Cured Olives

Oil-cured, salty and slightly bitter


Creamery Cheese of the Month!
Sharon Hollow

Fresh, hand-ladled cheese layered with pepper or fresh herbs. Available in Telicherry black pepper and garlic, or garlic and freshly-chopped chive. Crisp, clean, milky flavor accented by the flavor of the herbs.

2 for $9.99 – reg price $6.99/each

Bread of the Month!
Better than San Francisco Sourdough bread

Classic American bread with a beautifully blistered crust, pleasant sour tang and chewy texture.


Bread Special!
Pain de montagne bread

Dense, intense rustic bread of the hard to reach mountain regions of France and Switzerland. Vying with Farm bread for top spot on Frank’s list of favorite breads. Celebrate this very special bread with a special price this month. Available for Tuesday, Friday and Saturday bake days.

$5.99/ea ($2 off! reg. $7.99/ea)

Special Bakes!

Chernushka Rye bread baked on 2/4 & 2/5
Chewy traditional Jewish rye with peppery chernushka seeds. This one definitely has a following.

Pepper Bacon Farm bread baked on 2/11 & 2/12
Nothing says romance like bacon and it makes a great Valentine gift. Check out apple wood smoked bacon and black pepper lovin’ it up in a crusty loaf of our signature farm bread. Nearly a pound loaf. A meal in itself! Our most popular special bake.

Bacon Pecan Sandy Cookie for 2/12
This recipe developed for our Bakin’ with Bacon class. It’s a sweet and salty satisfying mix- apple wood smoked bacon, toasted pecans in a melt in your mouth buttery cookie, sprinkled with a pinch of sugar and salt. Bacon lovers gotta try ’em.

Chocolate Cherry bread bake added for Valentine’s Day 2/14
Great gift or Valentine dessert! This bread is a chocolate lover’s fantasy come true–the best Belgian and French chocolates and dozens of Michigan dried cherries. A few minutes in the oven and the chocolate chunks begin melting and the aroma of cocoa fills the air. Set a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a warm slice and you’ll be sitting in front of the most decadent dessert you’ve had in years.

Porter Rye bread baked on 2/18 & 2/19
A moist and slightly sweet loaf made from a bit of organic muscovado brown sugar, Bell’s Porter from Kalamazoo, MI, a pinch of lard, and lots of flavor-packed rye flour.

Scallion Walnut Farm bread baked on 2/26 & 2/27
Our crusty, slightly sour farm bread with toasted walnuts and fresh chopped scallions. Makes a great instant stuffing. 1.5 Lb. loaf. Late afternoon bake.

Sandwich of the Month!
Hoagie’s Banh Mi

The deli’s take on banh mi, the popular Vietnamese sandwich. Ours is filled with roasted pork with Asian spices, tangy-sweet daikon radish and carrot pickles, slices of cucumber and jalapeños, with a slather of cilantro mayo on a baguette. Brought to us by Kristen “Hoagie” and Ji Hye of San Street, an aspiring new business serving up Asian street food.

$10.99/one size

Zingerman’s Coffee Company, Roaster’s Pick!
El Salvador Finca Santa Theresa

Wonderfully complex, floral aroma, syrupy body, flavors of bright fruits. From an Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified Farm.

$15.99/12oz bag