California Dreamin’ – and yes we’re open during construction!

Andante Dairy’s Etude Cheese
One of our new favorite American cheeses comes from Andante Dairy in Santa Rosa, California.

A hard cheese made from gently pasteurized goat’s milk made in the style of a Pyrenees Tomme, carefully aged about 6 months for a fine, not too dry texture and a balanced sweet and milky flavor.

Andante Dairy’s Andantino Cheese
Made to order exclusively for Zingerman’s by our friends at the Andante Dairy in Santa Rosa, California.

They gently pasteurized goat’s milk and lightly infuse it with fresh rosemary. Which produces a delicate, hand-ladled cheese that showcases a pristinely fresh, mellow goat’s milk flavor! Excellent alongside a freshly baked French Baguette from Zingerman’s Bakehouse!

Vella Dry Jack Cheese

One of America’s oldest traditional cheeses, made by Ig Vella in Sonoma, California. Dry Jack combines the crumbliness of Parmigiano-Reggiano and the butteriness of well-aged cheddar into a single, golden chunk. This is a cheese we come back to again and again, and each time is a revelation. It keeps a long time, too

Fabrique Delices Duck Salami

A new and unique favorite from the folks at Fabrique Delices in Hayward, California. This rich, flavorful French style duck salami has an excellent, well-seasoned but still balanced flavor and a pleasantly moist texture. Slice some up as a snack, or as part of an antipasto platter.

All Natural Fabrique Delices Pates & Mousses

The most traditionally -made and flavorful line of pates we’ve tasted, that are produced in the US. They are produced without using any preservatives, artificial ingredients, or nitrites, and they are made from animals who have been raised without any added hormones, or antibiotics. Excellent with cornichons and Dijon mustard on Zingerman’s Bakehouse Breads!

Pasolivo Olive Oil

From year to year, the flavor of olive oil changes due to the weather and a whole host of other influences. Some folks love the huge flavors of the fresh harvest while others prefer the mellower (yet still big) flavors of the previous harvest. Here’s your opportunity to experience both side by side, harvested in the late fall of 2009 and 2010. Bold and robust, grassy and peppery… it’s in a class of its own.

Owens Creek Olive Oil

Good for your heart in more ways than one! $4.00 from the sale of each bottle of Owens Creek Olive Oil goes directly to fund research in preventing heart disease conducted at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center. But, don’t just buy this oil because it is a good cause. It also tastes great and is made right. They use Sicilian and Tuscan varietals grown by traditional methods, including wide tree spacing and hand-picking and they’re pressed within 24 hours of being picked. We think you’ll be pleasantly impressed.

Katz Late Harvest Zinfandel Vinegar

‘AgroDolce’ in Italian translates to ‘sweet and sour,’ which is exactly what the Katz family was aiming for with this garnet colored wine vinegar. Plum and fresh berry overtones give way to a pleasant, crisp finish that will be endlessly versatile in your kitchen.

June Taylor Citrus Marmalades and Jellies

June Taylor hand makes her artisanal preserves in her sky-lit ‘Still Room’ in Berkeley California in small batches, with fruit harvested either by herself or friends. They’re delicate and flavorful in both texture and taste- the Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange and Rangpur Lime have a very loyal following.